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    Java site, opinions needed...!

    Thanks guys...Really appreciate it...I am currently working on how how best to structure content so users find it easy to progress through stage.....I also have a youtube page for the site which I plan on uploading videos for end of chapter revisions...Jus videos for people to see being put into...
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    How can i increase my website page rank?

    You can try are really good according to my experience....But I have a wuestion, what wordpress plugin did you use for you contact pop out window...
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    Java site, opinions needed...!

    Hello everyone, I just started making this site. Its about tutorials for java programming and I would like to know what everyone thinks about it. I aim for beginners and I would like to know if you guys think the structure is ok and please suggest topics I could do with. thanks Site url...
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    My Website Design

    Tumbs up mate......brilliant site...I want to know, is it all flash bases or is javascript involved?
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    I'll Be Designing Website For Free! :bd

    Hi there, I think thats a great idea. I may need your help on a site design. I want to make a website for java tutorials but I am not that good with site design and was wondering if you coukd make a design for me. Any cool design that fits tutorial style is ok but if it could mimic this site...