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  1. Chris73

    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    Welcome to x10hosting. Home of the best web hosting this side of the universe. :)
  2. Chris73

    Counter Strike: Source

    I still play it. I love some of the mods and plugins for the game.
  3. Chris73

    I never noticed that they were in "italics"

    I never noticed that they were in "italics"
  4. Chris73

    Advanced Php request

    Please post a link to this "white" page. Since i have no idea what page is showing that.
  5. Chris73

    blank website

    I am seeing a "Default index" page in place. Is this what is supposed to be there? Have you added any pages that are supposed to be showing? Can you provide a link to this "Blank" page?
  6. Chris73

    This is NOT cool!

    This is what i see from your website. Is this still an issue? If so try clearing your browsers cache files. I am using FireFox 3.
  7. Chris73

    [REQ][You name the price]Banners and Avatar Needed

    I would like to thank everyone who attempted this. I have bought several and those of you who i chose can see that but checking your credits. Once again thank you. "Thread Closed"
  8. Chris73

    [REQ][You name the price]Banners and Avatar Needed

    Ok due to my busy schedule with work outside of x10. I am going to extend this until this Sunday the 24th at 6pm EDT. Sorry i have been so busy,but the work is very nice. I might pay for several of them.
  9. Chris73

    Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configur

    Re: Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: URL file-access is disabled in the server conf Please upgrade your php version from Basic to Intermediate. This is done through using your forum user name and password.
  10. Chris73

    Found Problem With Website

    If you notice it says "Your application for PHP v was accepted and your account is pending a PHP version upgrade." That means it it still has not fully upgraded your account yet. Please allow some more time. You should receive a 2nd email stating that it has indeed been upgraded.
  11. Chris73

    Unsuspension Request for backflip

    I believe i have fixed this suspension error. Can you check and post back with an answer?
  12. Chris73


    Like i said. It bans the entire members list. All but the Admins and staff. Not sure why it has done it several times.
  13. Chris73

    [REQ][You name the price]Banners and Avatar Needed

    Looking good guys i will give everyone until Sunday about 12pm EDT to get the Banners and Avatars in. If i like more then 3 of them i will select all the ones that i do like.
  14. Chris73

    flash effect

    This is not a support thread so i am closing it. Non support threads should be placed in offtopic or forums for such information.
  15. Chris73

    Apache HTTP always offline ???

    There is currently an issue with the server you are one. I was told that SL is looking into the issue and hope to have it resolved ASAP.
  16. Chris73


    It mass bans users. It is a simple fix in the code. Not sure why it does it it just does. There is no need to create new user names as your old names are still there.
  17. Chris73

    My friend, easyearn cannot log in.

    His suspension has been lifted.
  18. Chris73

    [REQ][You name the price]Banners and Avatar Needed

    Re: Banners and Avatar Needed I will pay 500 credits a set. 1 set = 1 banner and 1 Avatar. If you make all 3 sets i will pay you 2250 in credits. That is a 750 credit bonus for making all 3 sets. Sorry for not setting a price. This was done so that the user can set a price that they would...
  19. Chris73

    Server Usage???

    Are you running any crons? If so how often do you have them set to run? Games tend to set of the auto suspension due to extended periods of high resource usage.
  20. Chris73

    :( high source suspended...... plz unsuspend me..

    This account is no longer suspended. Please look into what was causing the "High resource Usage" and try to get it fixed so that you don't get suspended again. Thanks.