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    embed chat room

    hi, i went through the ERIS chat room for help yesterday. They guided me to an IRC called mibbit. I have successfully embedded a chat room in a customer's host (not x10hosting). But I can not embed this exact same code into my site. Both of the server are Linux OS. Can I embed a chat room...
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    accounts and suspension

    hi, My account has been suspended. it's over a month I haven't been working on my website. Please, would you unsuspend my account. Thank you very much for your time,
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    can't delete folders

    Hi, How are you doing? Posted a thread to previously requesting that the admin reset my directory to default. I want to update my site but have some issues. Couldn't make the LIghtBox to preview my artwork. So I deleted all folders and re-uploaded my content without any luck. Now I want to...
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    reset my directory to default

    I posted a thread about a month ago regarding my directory. Didn't answer within 24 hours so it has been closed. Would you reset my directory to default. Thank you
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    reset my directory to default

    Hi, im updating my website but have kind of a mess with my folders. I have backed up my files. Can x10hosting reset my directory to default settings? Thank you
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    reset my directory to default

    Hi, im updating my website but have kind of a mess with my folders. I have backed up my files. Can x10hosting reset my directory to default settings? Thank you
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    embedding player

    Hi, Looking to stream my webcam live on my site. Does anyone knows how to embed the vlc player into my page
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    Hi guys Want to stream through my website with flash media encoder without using a third party website.
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    something wied happened!!!

    I successfully uploaded a folder about 10 mn ago. I went to the Cpanels but can't access them Then i go to my website Didn't touch the redirecting options in the Cpanels since I opened my account. But I am getting redirected to a page Am I...
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    LogMeIn: remote connection to PC!!

    Just received a mail regarding a service called LogMeIn(remotly connect to my PC) from x10 hosting. Very interesting but.... How secure is this service? ps: sorry if I am in the wrong forum
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    PHP database setup?

    First time trying to set up a 'post comment' page. here is my site: I found a php script to do this and already set up the html form I created the database(imajinn1_test), username(imajinn1) and password. But i am not sure what the host name is(stoli, my site url, or...
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    Need to design a 'post comment page'

    I started to work on a site and now the customer wants a post comments page. I can get my way around with simple PHP (like form to email) but not with the database setup. Does anyone know any 3rd party sofwares, links or leads i can use to design this page? Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Want to delete my account

    Before the upgrade my site was working wonderfully. Since the upgrade I have too much problems. I understand there are technical difficulties with the migration. Today my header(banner) is not displayed anymore. My site: Here is what I think may fix the issue::wink...
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    mail problems: still no answer!!!!!!!

    I have posted 2 previous threads on having issues with my mails the past 3 days Never got any answers My website I don't have any mail going into my INBOX My mail is not being forwarded to my yahoo mail I only receive Mailerdaemon. Subject is failure notice: Fatal...
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    Really got problem with mail

    I posted a similar thread about a week ago. It seems my email is not working. I only receive Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 51433813 bytes) in...
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    Problem with emails

    Yestersday my mails were automatically deleted from my INBOX(nothing in the trash either) Today I received a mail, but, here is what it says: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 112197632) (tried to allocate 14417920 bytes) in...
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    my emails are being deleted automatically???

    my website emails are redirected to my Yahoo mail. I received 3 today. I opened Squirrel Mail but the Inbox was empty. I looked into the Trash. Nothing there. I sent a mail from Yahoo to The mail was redirected to my Yahoo. And still nothing in my SquirrelMail Inbox...
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    Mail() function still disabled

    I have a form on my website but when you fill it up it says that: Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/imajinn1/public_html/FormToEmail.php on line 216 I upload my files in a folder called /home/imajinn1/www/ where I have...
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    cossacks server????

    was wondering if someone can give update on the cossacks server? FTP and mail() not working? When can I expect my site to be fully operational? thanks
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    Really need an answer!!!!!

    I have been a member of x10hosting for about 3 months now. It is for me the best hosting. But for about 2 months now, x10hosting has been upgrading the servers for a better service which I understand perferctly. Though it is 2 months now that my site is up and down, up and down and I an...