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    Testing the support system

    Hi,\r\n\r\nI have a problem with support. :)
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    Cartoon work

    Hello Everyone, It's like this, I wanted a cartoon/avatar created for me and I was wondering if anyone here on x10 knows to draw and paint one. It should be something like the cartoon/avatar in the following link Anyone knows how...
  3. GamingX

    Need a bit of PC building help.

    There doesn't seem to be anything in this thread. *Closed.
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    Weekly Contest on my blog

    Hello Everyone, I am holding a weekly contest on my blog. This is my first contest, and the prizes are 1. (2) 150*150 Sidebar Ad for one week. 2. (4) SideBar Links for one week. All you have to do is 1. (2 Entries) Subscribe to the GamingX Blog RSS Feed 2. (3 Entries) Subscribe...
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    Installing Joomla

    Hello everyone, My nephew wants to create a website for a contest in his school and he's asked me to create one for him. The website doesn't have to be online. It should be submitted via a zip file. I was wondering whether it was possible to use Joomla to create it. How do I go about...
  6. GamingX

    Help with mod

    Hello everyone, I am experiencing some problems with a Gallery mod that I installed on Joomla. Don't know if it is something wrong with the mod or if I am missing something. I have Smooth Gallery mod installed on Joomla and I get some error "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for...
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    GamingX - COme to us for the Latest on the Latest

    Hello Everyone, How about reviewing my site? The link is Give me your views and suggestions and your ratings. I am offering 20 credits to those who signup both on the main site and the forums and additional 5 credits for each post on the forum paid weekly...
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    Earn money through GetProCash

    Hello everyone, I came across this site when I was searching through the net. It's called GetProCash. It's a bit similar to Adbux. You earn money by completing offers. Right now there is a contest on. The contest will end in about 2 hrs 30 mins. There is the referral contest where you...
  9. GamingX

    Editing a Logo

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to make some changes to my logo. I want to edit in such a way as my avatar. But the quality of the Logo must not be lost. I am willing to offer 100 credits to the one who can do it. The size should remain the same. I will select only the best. Good Luck!!! One more...
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    Setting up WordPress.

    Hello Guys, I installed WordPress on my site and need help setting it up. Anyone willing?
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    Hello everyone, Anyone here on x10 who knows how to configure Radioblog or has good knowledge regarding Radioblog? I am setting up something on my site and would like somebody's help.
  12. GamingX

    SMF Problems

    Hello everyone, After the transfers of the MYSQL databases, I followed the tutorial by mrkennedy from his thread to get the forums up and running and it worked. But later in the evening when I went back to check on my forums, I get a weird problem. Have a look at this image
  13. GamingX

    Modifying an Avatar

    Hello Guys, I want someone to make changes to my present avatar. I want to make it an animated one. The silver border of the logo must spin and the avatar must flip over to read 'X10 Account Manager'. Another copy of it should read 'Administrator'. Who is good enough to do this?
  14. GamingX

    MP3 Player Plugin for Joomla

    Hello guys, Can some one suggest a good Mp3 Flash Player plugin for playing Mp3 files and can be embedded in Joomla. I want the player in such a way that when I click on a url like for example., it starts playing on the player. Does anyone know of one which...
  15. GamingX

    Credits to join website

    Hello guys, I am offering 50 credits to those who join my site and the forums there. 20 credits to those joining either of the two. Post here after you have registered.
  16. GamingX

    Updates on my site.

    Hello everyone, My site is still under construction. The site name is It contains a lot of information on the latest games, softwares, gadgets and an Islamic Section. I wanted to create this thread so that I can keep posting updates on the site. Right now only the...
  17. GamingX

    Problem with Joomla

    Hello guys, I am facing some problems with Joomla, my site has come to a standstill. I posted a thread on the Joomla forums, but so far I have not received any replies. I was hoping that someone here might just be able to know what's the problem. Here' the thread that was posted on Joomla.
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    Suggestions and Feedback

    Hello, guys... I am still setting up my site, but could everyone have a look at my site and give their opinions and suggestions. It will really be helpful and I will know where I am going wrong?
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    Problem with my site

    Hello everyone, I am experiencing some problem with my site, I had inserted a banner at the top and a flash swf intro file, but my site is not displaying it, my site address is, you can have a look at it and its source and check if there is something wrong with it....
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    Name of X10hosting

    Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone has ever asked this, but I am curious to how this webhosting site can to be named as X10hosting. Any particular reason for this or was this a random name selected?