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    Wordpress Issue

    Ha! That fixed it! Thanks!
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    Wordpress Issue

    I deleted everything, uploaded the wordpress files form the site, set up to my old database, and I still have the same issue Is it a database issue?
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    Wordpress Issue

    I clicked it and nothing changed from normal, and I'm using FF3, and I put "Keep cookies till I close window" and I accept all cookies PLUS I tried on IE
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    Wordpress Issue

    I'm not going to pretend I know where this goes:biggrin: Anyway -=-=-= When I log into my wordpress with any kind of account, it takes me to the appropriate dashboard, but when I press the "Visit Site" button, I'm logged out again, making it impossible to comment...
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    First Of 08

    Sig-wise that is Feed Please =]
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    1.5 new I was trying to recreate the other style, but at the same time wanted to try something new, came out not to impressive and a bit bright as usual lol I took the wallpaper and messed...
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    Last CS2 works

    yep, pretty basic technique, thought it looked decent though [note- your browser may have shrunk them down and made em look distorted, can usually fix that by clicking on em]
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    Sig Portfolio

    My Highlights Not looking for much detail at all of course :biggrin: [Oldest To Newest]
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    took long enough, but it's all good:cool: I do graphics, I've been doing them since January (about 11 months more or less) I've recently started with flash I do some basic coding, and I have Dreamweaver CS3, so hopefully I'll be ok Hope to be around and active for a while:biggrin: (Btw...