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    Alternate cPanel login URL?

    Looks like your work blocks all out-of-ordinary ports. =\ I guess you could run it through a transparent proxy, but I'm not 100% sure if that would work.
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    Error with Mysql

    Answered via IRC. The issue was a password error, then we changed the server from localhost to, and now it is a connection issue between the servers.
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    Alternate cPanel login URL?

    Using the node's cPanel works? Man, I've missed a lot. ---------- Post added at 10:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:38 PM ---------- Don't/shouldn't sites use 2082 as well then?
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    Alternate cPanel login URL?

    I doubt it. The cPanel server listens on port 2083.
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    website dont work Don't double post, thanks. Check your domain is actually added in your cPanel. I believe there has been some issues with cPanel recently, and one of the symptoms of the cancer that is killing x10hosting was this issue...
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    There was a problem creating the addondomain

    Shouldn't be a subdomain of, not an addon domain? Add it in subdomains, not addon domains.
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    Server still down

    I think you should contact Corey and demand a refund. The reason the moves keep happening is because that free or not, things need to upgrade and change. A snag was hit with the new server which resulted in a large mess which can't be fixed easily as it's cPanel's fault.
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    Regarding Advertising

    You have a couple of options. Firstly you could PM the owner, Corey, on the forums. I'm not sure if his account accepts PMs though. Secondly you could jump on IRC and talk to the admin team there. Thirdly you could contact head office at 888-910-9668 Posting in the free hosting support forums...
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    My hosting is off mostly all the time

    I loaded both up and they both loaded perfectly.
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    about my web site accessibility

    Oh yeah, it's 2083. My mistake.
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    about my web site accessibility

    cPanel: The first issue is because in that directory, there are no files (in this case, no index files).
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    Suspended or not

    I doubt you've been suspended.
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    cpanel very slow

    By the way, your version of vBulletin was a cracked/nulled warez copy. Based on that information I will be taking it up with a rep from vBulletin Solutions that I am friendly with.
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    big problem I need help please

    Go to the root directory of your files (probably /var/www) and type the following commands: This command makes everything in that directory and deeper accessible to the owner and the group, but read/execute-only to everyone else. This command sets everything in that directory and deeper owned...
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    Count to 1 Million

    1113 posts.
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    Website Not Working

    Tbh that really doesn't help the situation, as it contributes nothing helpful. Sorry if you always do this, but it doesn't happen at other places I vist. I think, you should just try and wait, as like I said, I believe it's serverside.
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    Can't login to cPanel

    Same post as here? Yes, but what happened? It worked all of....two weeks or so ago. Checked server status: Absolut:HTTP Offline FTP Offline S-FTP...
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    site suspended for inactivity--plz i want it back Stickies work wonders.
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    Website Problem!!!

    cPanel: That what you wanted? Create a file in notepad, type this in it (Or copy): Save it as index.html and upload it to your site. Then go back to and see if it shows OHai! on the page.
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    Website Not Working

    Is your website a address? Or is it a DNS / TLD? I had this for a while, but my website works (Kinda, I have a problem at the moment) now. Just wait it out, I believe it's serverside problems.