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    suspension missunderstading

    suspension reason code is 51DA315A8832 it says i use shell but i havn't uploaded and shell files all of it php and some pictures please if you can't tell which file i need to delete to fix this problem by the way i used core ftp to upload files so i might uploaded i file that considered a...
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    what kind of inactivty is this

    suspensionOct 19You have been suspended for inactivity. It is a requirement that you login to the x10hosting forums once every two weeks to keep your account active; posting is never required. This is an automatic suspension, you're able to unsuspend yourself immediatelyunsuspensionOct 20not...
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    mysql problem

    you can't add to remote access it won't save it still same problem
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    mysql problem

    it is already "localhost"
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    mysql problem

    i get this msg when ever i try to access my site if any can help please give me all the details not just short anwser Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user'****_*****'@'' (using password: YES) in...
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    NOD32, Kaspersky are good but the best ever is for advaced users is mcafee 2008 ultimate security , includes anti virus anti spyware and roottrigers firewall for internet/local net/wireless net remote access to any pc on the network by admin account only the server need internet updates...
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    Browser based Games

    i don't know why you said so please next time check the TOS and the FAQ on the main page i don't think any game have a better description it took me long time to do the FAQ
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    Browser based Games

    fianly i found someone interested in browser based games i have coded one recently and hosted it on X10hosting
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    Review My GAME!!!

    thanks alot i will work on these things but auto login after registration is disabled by me because i am planinng to set account activation system
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    Review My GAME!!!

    hi every one can you please spend 2 minutes reviewing my site it is browser based game i hope you like it any suggestions iare welcomed M.M.M aka roadstar
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    Who here saw Ironman

    cool movie specaily when ironman hide under the F22 Raptor lol i never thought he would hide there
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    hi every one

    i am new to X10Hosting but it is awsoume V11 C-panel and database control system is up to date any way i am buliding an MMORPG on X10Housting so please give it a visit and tell me what do you think of it . any help would be greatfull