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    Overall Updates

    I hope that theres is not so much server usage after the update i hope it!!
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    Suspenison for installing sql database

    i was installing a sql database for my module on my php-nuke script, but it suspended again for high usage, this was the 4th time that it suspend for high usage. now i must wait 60 minutes = 1 hour . so my question is = What is the maximal % usage of the server? i got a suspend at 8% wtf
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    No creation possible!

    i shall do it ^_^
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    No creation possible!

    i tried to make a adsenhanced webhost. i did everything perfect /sign it up/made a forum account/ waited 5 mins for the creation of my cpanel and when i go after 5 mins i saw in my e-mail this mail where a strange error was occured : This email is being sent to notify you that the hosting...