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    Windows VS. Mac

    Urgh, where do i start? I'll start with hardware. It is next to impossible to upgrade the hardware Macs come with, and what it does come with is INSAINLY overpriced. They aren't compatible with anything that was built for REAL computers. Another thing is their users! Have you ever talked to a...
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    What type of speaker you have?

    $200 gaming headset. Gets the job done, and looks sexy doing it.
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    smf Or phpbb

    For some reason i really dislike SMF. PHPBB 3 is absolutly amazing, in my openion it is about as good as vBulletin (I have a VB forum, but thinking about switching to to PHPBB3). But it's really all up to the person who is using it. Just set up test forums at the free forum hosting places and...
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    The Most Important Factor In An RPG Game

    1. Gameplay (Not as much storyline as battle/interaction/ect) 2. Character development (I love fine-tuning and tweaking my stats) 3. Graphics (I don't mean really "1337 3d pwnag3", but charming graphics you can get in to) 4. Storyline (Storyline isn't that much of a deal it me, as long as it...
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    The most important thing to remember is AVOID AVG AT ALL COSTS. It thinks everything is a virus, i can't stand it. My two favorites are ESET NOD32 and Kaspersky. Google them, they are almost perfect.
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    I honestly prefer Vista. I don't know what everyone's prob is with it, XP disgusts me. Vista is much sexier, faster (If you actaully have hardware that can handle it), more efficient, more powerful, and less buggy. I fully agree with ASPX.King. If you hardware can't handle Vista, I would go...