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    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    Thanks Eric, that's great. I'm baffled by the IP showing on so many other accounts, but understand the need to forward for review. Only thing I can think is that I've logged in previously through my phone's network, which I know uses shared public IPs. Anyway, I'll take backups for now, just in...
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    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    (Same poster as the request here) Hi Eric, Thanks for looking into this. I tried the 'forgotten password' link, but no forum account was associated with the email address I use to log in to my domains. So that was a new forum account, which I guess is why there are no domains attached (even...
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    Automatic suspension

    As of around 1pm today, I was informed my account had been suspended due to inactivity. I have also recieved suspension warning emails in the last week, both of which contained a link which I used to log in. The last login date at the top of the page shows that I was last logged in on July...