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    missing account

    Hi admin, I have an account with name qinjg and domain But it missing now. I registered it again, so is it possible to recover it? Thanks!
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    getmypid() disabled for security reasons

    Hi ,but my accounts PHP level is already level 2. May be the admin forgot to change the PHP level in the new server?
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    getmypid() disabled for security reasons

    Warning: getmypid() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/qinjg/public_html/blog/wp-includes/class-phpass.php on line 52 When moving to the new server,every thing is OK. But the WordPress can not work when logining in. The above is the error message. Hi Admin, Could this be fixed?
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    Corey Got married!!

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    Hi Admin,Please help unsuspend my account

    account qinjg Thanks
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    stoli apache server is offine

    Hello admin, The stoli apache server is offine.
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    Updates on the Updates

    Greate news. Hope the server becomes more stable.
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    Apache HTTP at Stoli.x10 server is offline

    No Announcement is seen. Does this situation only happen to me?
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    Server Suspended

    Your hosting account was suspended because: High server resource usage detected. I do think there is no script that takes much resource. Please help to unsuspend the server.
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    Overall Updates

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    Cool! Thanks!