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    PDF Files/Broken Links

    It could be that frontpage did not upload the PDF file onto your site I would suggest you to upload with Filezilla or any other FTP and then link to them on your site
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    ubuntu installation

    Ok what partitioning tool are you using second this is possible *I believe* second is window already 15gbs? finally your partitioning tool would have to separate a portion I suggest you use Ubuntu's tools here while installing make sure you Use 15gbs of it and leave the rest of the space...
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    chibi maker

    By Chibi I believe you mean the Japaneses for short person drawing I don't think there is a program that will randomly generate a finished product your best bet is trying to draw it or finding someone who can draw one for you
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    Card Is Unplugged Automatically

    Did this card come with the computer if it did you could always contact the Manufacture support when ever I have problems with my laptop I always contact HP Support Always help
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    x10 Radio - Now hiring DJ's!

    I interested in working as a dj for free of course I have had past experiance with a internet radio called Wadio I also have tools needed
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    Review -

    Hi my friend and I have been working on a game site and are installing a forum soon to it with our current content what could we do to improve the site and future suggestions for future content.