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    Can flash animated clips posted on the free Web hosting site?

    Like if you upload a flash clip to your website and have someone view it and the website is free hosting...? If so people should be able to view it and it'll work.
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    JS menu won't show but shows

    I have made a test page in html and the menu displays correctly, but I don't know how to get everything working on the php page. I do have like 6 scripts and 1 css document is that a lot for the .php file to go through? Edit: Sorry for the double post, but I went to browser shots and some...
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    JS menu won't show but shows

    My website is that's the page that I have the problem. The menu seems to like show up then disappear and I don't want that to happen. If you need any code just ask but if I have my mouse over it when I refresh it stays, but it becomes...
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    PHP Comment Script

    Yay thank you. That worked perfectly :) Thanks again.
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    PHP Comment Script

    I have a test page: The gray box area thing isn't centered in the page and I am wondering how to do that. This isn't the full code because it's long and this is where it would be if anything. <style> /*COMMENTS...
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwich I insert a computer
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    Anyone here have a home server?

    I have two servers, but now only one, but soon will be two. But I use it to upload like php files to check them so I don't have to use my website. And the Server my friend actually made... So yea..
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban you for not living on land.
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    Virtualization vs Dual Boot

    They both have their good and bads. Like I run a Virtual Machine (Debian (Server)) and it runs nicely, but for my virtual machine software it doesn't make Debian go full screen. Which that is one flaw of it. Another one is that when you run a VM you aren't getting the full performance of the...
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    Gmail Desktop Application

    I use Windows Live Messenger and I have it set up with my gmail, my website, and my main email accounts and it works nicely!
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    Menu[1] is Undefined

    Thank you! It works I am so happy!
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    Menu[1] is Undefined

    My site is: You can't see the menu because of that one problem. If you have FireFox the toolbar for editing you can see what the error or in IE the bottom left hand corner double click the icon. The problem is on line 13: menu[1] = {
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    Menu[1] is Undefined

    Hey all I been working on my website and my JavaScript menu won't seem to work. Like I have it on my computer display the html page from the computer works fine. Upload it to my site try to display it. It doesn't work. The code is: /*********************************************** * Omni Slide...
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    Combat Arms

    Best game for PC that's FREE! I love playing Junk Flea "One Man Army" and only pistols!
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    Chopin Server needs fixing

    Okay thanks.
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    Chopin Server needs fixing

    I noticed that in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 trying to minimize or drag the different sections of CPanel won't move and makes me angry. Could you possibly fix this? on Starka it works fine (I asked my friend) So please fix it soon. Thanks.
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    Scrolling with scroll over button

    I have been recently designing a website and I have the lovely HTML Marquee tag... But anyways I will have images scrolling, but I will have an up and down arrow but I want it so when you scroll over the up arrow the pictures scroll up, but not the arrow and the same for the down arrow but...
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    List of Files in public_html

    The only important folder is the cgi-bin right? Thats it?
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    List of Files in public_html

    Hi I recently just installed a forum, but put it in my public_html folder instead of a forum folder so I deleted a bunch of files and folders and I was wondering if you could give me a list of the folders and files that you get when you get your free account. Or would it be easier to reset my...
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    How much RAM do you have?

    I have only 0.99GB of RAM which sucks on my Dell. I wish to have more because I run 3 virtual machines so I wish I had more....