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    Absolut Transfer

    Very odd according to the Server status i'm on the old ip and my account is suspended for Database Error but everything else works(Is there a problem with the acount status refreshing??
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    Absolut Transfer

    My account hasn't being transferred yet Cpanel Name:droid
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    What is better and more effecient the direct x series or the OpenGl series

    Just wondering what people opinions are on which is more efficient and better graphics. I know for instance DirectX is not multi platform unlike opengl is. But on the other hand i think Direct X is a lot more powerful and able to deliver more graphical features. Like to hear your views Cheers
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I would have to go with AVG its very good and efficient and the free version comes with a lot of stuff like Anti spy ware anti root kits etc.
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    Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

    Im not sure weather to stick with the current browser im using which is Firefox 3 or go to the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. What would you choose?
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    PHPInfo Temporarily Enabled

    Hmm not sure but i can no longer access or install phpbb3?? Not sure whats happend.