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    phpasks – suspended

    please unblock my a/c as i want to remove my website from x10hosting so i need backup of my site.. please unsuspend for while i take a backup. pls pls:happysad:
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    Login Form Help

    Now Your code work fine You can redirect any page to another page at that time after redirect exit use.
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    How to use Magenta & How to Install

    How to Install Magenta? When I am clicking terms & condition at that time redirect to https:// ????? How to remove https:// to http:// Any one help me???????
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    Multiple date & time support

    Finally this is working for all timezone like every country. like USA, UK, Europian Country......... please tell me.
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    Multiple date & time support

    thanks free crm for help multiple date & time support.
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    Need Help With My Login

    You can help this login script
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    Password one way encryption.

    You can use this encoded & decode function <?php // Encode function starts here function encode($_text, $_IV = 3, $_ENCRYPT_KEY = "z1Mc6KRxA7Nw90dGjY5qLXhtrPgJOfeCaUmHvQT3yW8nDsI2VkEpiS4blFoBuZ") { if...
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    Anyone good with PHP

    <Table> <Tr> <Td>My Title</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td>1. hello</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td>2. hi</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td>3. bye</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td> My 2nd Title</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td>1. ,,dfd,</td> </tr> <Tr> <Td>2. llddfl You can use this way or Your Array <?php echo "<Table>"; while(list($key, $val) =...
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    How to whole remove dir in php

    Which 15 line man You can call you
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    How to whole remove dir in php

    I know this recrusive function through delete whole directory. Any other command to direct remove whole dir. Any one knows only one command through delete whole dir.
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    How to whole remove dir in php

    I have below proble problem when remove whole dir. it keeps giving me this PHP error : Warning: rmdir(../../infusions/theme_database/temp/f8e0c65c0461b6631aa83234f20c9011//themes/DarkZik/forum) [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty in...
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    Upload a file

    Mean You can upload a file & After uploading done & page can't load?????????
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    Upload a file

    You can upload file in specific folder & save file name only in your db. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Player Updated</TITLE> <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="TextPad 4.6"> <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="?"> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="?"> <META...
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    form script help please

    You can create one table & store all data in that For example What is your name? ___________ Question 1. Selection 1 Selection 2 Selection 3 Question 2. Selection 1 Selection 2 Selection 3 Selection 4 and so on You can created no. of field filled up to user CREATE TABLE `user_info` (...
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    PHP Source Code

    You can download php script for php & mysql & image upload & rating etc......
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    How to delete multiple MySQL rows...?

    best option truncate table means all data lost in one query - load time minimum. TRUNCATE TABLE tablename;
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    How do I protect my form in php??

    1) You can put confirmation code like orkut scrape send to other user, it has not your friend list at that time asking some verification code type in text box submit. You can protect to spammers. 2) Email Verficatin You can also Email Verification code send at your email id & activation...
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    How to create a login using a mysql database

    You can download login script
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    foward mail to a php script

    Your code is right. You can ask server administrator for mail script run or not.