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    Stoli Transfer

    Just wondering. Can you explain this thing to me. The way i get it is basicly this: Server 1------ --> Server 2------ --> Server 4 (Adding 1, 2, and 3) Server 3------ --> The way i see it is you guys are just putting it onto 1 HUGE server. But wouldn't that mean...
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    Stoli Server Admin please post a notice

    so you guys have soooo many members that your guys hard drives are full? i take it thats why your moving servers, to get more space.
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    Stoli Server Admin please post a notice

    No my disk is not full. I just deleted everything on it. And i am not the only one with this problem. take a look at my cpanel screen shot. Its not just me. Alot of people are havin this issue. NO FTP PROGRAM WORKS including cpanel's webdisk.
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    Stoli Server Admin please post a notice

    Just to show some proof of this ftp problem here is some log data from filezilla Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\Derrick Mehaffy\Desktop\Evo Mods and addons\Cash MOD-1.0.0B1\root\adm\mods\cash_mod_version.php Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (74,86,133,219,245,227)...
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    Stoli Server Admin please post a notice

    The HTTP on stoli is down again. There is post saying that is fixed. it is not.:repost: I dont know what you guys are doing but i was told these cleaning scripts would be done,:mad: i have been trying to get my website up and running this weekend and have had no luck at all. I cant put the ad...
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    Error disk full, please upload later

    I am having issues with uploading on ftp.:mad: i saw another post with this same issue and no one is helping. WE NEED OUR FTP FIXED i have to finish my site soon.:rant2:
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    Changes to ad-free \ ad-enhanced

    So how long will the Stoli server be down? i was RIGHT in the middle of installing php-nuke onto my site and now i cant upload anything via FTP and i cant access my site.
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    Ok, this is really becomming annoying

    What is up with the server Ad-enhanced, dude one minute the server is up and working. the next u cant get to any webpage and my account says http is down. Its really becomming quite annoying.:mad: Can a mod or someone check into this.
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    HTTP Down?

    I just tryed to go to my site and it wouldn't come up:rant2: I also noticed that in my account page the http is down. So im guessing you guys are running scripts again? If so a mod might want to put a post under server annonticements or w/e so u guys dont get a ton of posts about it:dunno::cool:
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    DEBATE!!!! Please Read (Debate #1)

    Please note that if you wish to follow this debate you must 1) Link real url's leading to your info 2) Dont post stupid stuff like "IM FOR IT!" Here is the Debate Question: Recently, there have been many arguments over parents and there skills to take care of their children. Also...
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    anyone play EVE?

    *BUMP* Still looking for more players
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    Ad-Enhanced Sign-Ups Off

    Thanks so much. :bowhs: :D cant wait til its back up and we dont have so many suspended. faster loads i hope hmmm.... i like this smily :thefinger: not that it means anything here but its funny as hell
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    anyone play EVE?

    Hey just wanting to make some new friends on eve. If you play my name in game is alizar, maybe we could hook up and do missions or mine together. :D
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    Add Advertisement Code to nuke-evolution

    having problems, i keep getting <code>Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/derk4392/public_html/header.php on line 138</code>
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    Help please? Site just randomly shutdown

    Do you know how to add a banner like that onto Nuke evoltion? Im not sure how to add it on to my website.
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    Help please? Site just randomly shutdown

    Hi, im new to this whole site thing and i just got my site up and was adding users to my forums when i go to click on a link and then suddenly my entire site just goes missing.:eek4::mad: I also had a question. i Signed up for the free ad site. but there are no ad's on my site? so...... whats...
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    I need help from someone

    then something has happend because it says login failed. I used derk4392 and my forum password. both my forum and the main sites passwords are the same wats the ftp address? or or wat?
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    I need help from someone

    Ok, i just recently got my website fixed. but i dont know my cpanel username and password and i also dont know any of the ftp info i need to connect. so if i could get these sent to me that would be great. I also have gotten banned from the irc support chat for no reason...