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    hello everyone. im from the US and have been making websites and forums for a while now but as many others said there arent many free web hosts out there any more that give you proper bandwidth or storage space, so i would like to say thanks to x10hosting for all your hard work.
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    question-- please help

    1) can i make fantistico install dragonfly cms? how? please help
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    with ad's. i am using phpnuke and cant get those ad's up???? i need some add on thing how do i do it? please help
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    Ad Help

    ok i am now using XOOPS. i can use a banned but it has to be in html or just a image with a click url can some hepl me.
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    helph dragonfly

    i am trying to install dragonfly CMS and when i go to the install url it says "The connection to the database server failed, sorry for the inconvenience We should be back shortly" but i doesnt look like a error from the server?? does anyone know what i can do... and if anyone know how to...
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    is there a way to...

    make fantastico install dragonfly cms? because i tried to and it keep messing up? if not can someone help me install it? please
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    ad on mambo?

    how do i put the adds on mambo??
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    can i...?

    i see in fantisico there are alot of forums and cms i want to try can i setup mambo and then have others setup like 3 at a time or something? i have corperate plan...?and how would i do it so it doesnt idsable the others?
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    installing mambo

    ok i have it downloaded and read the instructions. i dont realy know what to do so can someone that did t please explain exactly what i have to do. thanks
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    whats are the server specs?

    whats are the server specs? and is there a file size limit?
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    sign up form

    hello. i know that there are more then one thread on how long it takes for some people to get there hosting application aproved. i think that you sould make a script that will automaticly make the changes to the server if they fill it out correctly.. i think that many people in this commmunity...
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    hello eveery one

    hello. i am 19 and live in new york.. i am in the process of learning python and Tkinter. so if you good we can chat.
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    does x10hosting support python?

    does x10hosting support python? all of it... scripts... and so on