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    I have read that x10 hosting does back ups

    Or the free hosting. Is this true? I may have replaced flatpress with wordpress and then didn't like it. I didn't download the right files to fix it so had to start from scratch. If the free web data host backs things up every day then can't I have my accouint rolled back to June 11th?
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    Hosting Control Panel

    It’s loading now
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    Hosting Control Panel

    When I click on my Hosting Control Panel a new tab opens, but it does not load.
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    requesting unsuspension

    I’d like to be unsuspended please and thank you
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    I installed Bootstrap now what?

    Yeah I know I'm pretty hopeless. I would like to use the Carosel template and downloaded the thing that the Get Started site said to download, but now I'm not sure what I'm uploading to the site. I uploaded the index.html from the examples, but it didn't have the needed support files. So...
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    Neither website nor cpanel opens

    I'm at xo3 and it seems to be down as well.