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    Resolved Unable to login to DirectAdmin

    Wonderful. I have access. Thanks again Anna and Garrett!
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    Resolved Unable to login to DirectAdmin

    Thanks Anna. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to access DirectAdmin. Is there something else I need to do?
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    Resolved Unable to login to DirectAdmin

    Hi folks, I can't seem to access DirectAdmin on my domain (I vaguely remember signing in as junlem on I missed the memo on the expiry of Prime/Illuminated accounts - is the account dormant or already deleted? Thanks and regards!
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    Cannot create support ticket (Illuminated account)

    Thanks a lot! Tried again, still doesn't work.
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    Cannot create support ticket (Illuminated account)

    Hi, I can't seem to create a support ticket, even though I own an Illuminated account. I've submitted the form a few times, and the URL bar shows /support/create at the end, but the home page shows no pending tickets. Is there something wrong, or have I just spammed the system with roughly...
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for missing image in sig
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    VPN does not work and unable to login to x10vpn portal

    Just to provide an update that it is now working perfectly fine! :D Thanks a lot.
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    VPN does not work and unable to login to x10vpn portal

    Just to revive this a bit, I'm getting the "You were disconnected by the communication device. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings." error, as in post #8. Using a MacBook Pro (mid-2009), on OS X Lion, if that is relevant at all.
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    The Ctrl+V game
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    Inability to access account portal

    Thanks so much! :D
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    Inability to access account portal

    Hello, I've filed a complaint since a month ago on not being able to log in to the account portal. People in the Prime Members forum should be familiar with that. heh. This is despite being assured by a few members of the community that this will be brought up to an administrator. Can I please...
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    Connections to Gmail's SMTP Server Failed

    Hello, It seems that connections from the Illuminated server to can no longer be established. This started occurring a week or two ago. Brandon has previously assisted me in adding it to the firewall exception list, but apparently it didn't work. Any other clues? Thanks...
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a troll. :D I insert a pocket full of sunshine.
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    Availability Shared SSL

    Hello, I understand that after the last round of moving of servers, shared SSL has not been set up yet, as evident from the inaccessibility of https://[server][username]. May I ask if this feature will still be available for free hosting users, and if so, when will it be set...
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    Requesting Change of Main Domain

    Sorry to have to bump this, but it's getting slightly more urgent and it's on the 5th page already. =/ Can I have someone with enough authority to look at the issue and manually assign these information, please? Thanks!
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    Requesting Change of Main Domain

    Hello, cPanel account: junlem on Chopin I am requesting for a previously parked domain ( to be made the main account in place of The Account Management Panel is lagging behind by quite a bit, it seems. :/ Thanks and regards. [EDIT 1:] Can I also request for...
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    "Login Attempt Failed" recurring error, Inability to Park/Addon Domain, etc

    Hello, It seems that there is an error with parking my other domain. It was already parked before the big server move, but it disappeared. I proceeded to try and re-park it, but it gave me the error message that had something to do with the park wrapper and the fact that it's already been...
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    Unexpected "Login Attempt Failed" error message

    Dear sir/madam, As mentioned above, I am opening this support ticket to report an unexpected login error that has plagued me for more than a month now. When I attempt to login to Chopin (Fris before the move), it failed even though I provided the correct credentials. Originally I thought...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I prefer to use Mac OS X over Windows. It's not that I have anything against Windows, it's just that I find OS X systems more soothing to the eye. However, I do have Windows 7 on my Mac just in case I need to switch over, and I'm spending more and more time on it. I doubt that it'll completely...
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    Forum game <King of the hill>

    I get up the hill, throw a cookie down and lure you to chase after it. You absentmindedly run at it. My hill. :D