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  1. J

    Zero Tolerance

    I dont think your supposed to have an upload script.
  2. J

    Devana! Opensource...

    I've seen devana while searching through sourceforge. Pretty good. keep it up.
  3. J

    Sony Japan to close factories. Playstation division may be in trouble.

    Maybe if the PS3 had better games and wasn't soo not fun, maybe it would sell better?
  4. J

    20 Credits to Vote!

    Voted for b, seeing as how A didnt show up lol
  5. J

    Best free forum software

    in the free area, i'd have to say PHPBB or Punbb (punbb is easy to integrate into other things). as for paid software, IPB is the way to go
  6. J

    Forums that work with Facebook Connect

    Has anyone come across any forum software that works with facebook connect (besides IPB3 and VB)? Or any mods for such features? I can't seem to find anything myself
  7. J

    aspx web page

    The current method for mono to work is not working (at least for me). File a support ticket and wait for a response.
  8. J

    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Very cool. Bookmarking your site. As an addition to your tutorial section, maybe write a tutorial on how to make images with php? that may be a nice little attention grabber. You seem to be good at that. Also, please remove that stupid ban page under php tutorials!
  9. J

    Mime types

    Sorry for the triple post, but If I do not reply, it gets closed within 48 hours right? Anyways, its been about 3 and a half days since I submitted a ticket and got a response the next day. The response was just a copy/paste of a knowledge base article that was not helpful, I posted that It did...
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    MOD / ADMIN for my site?

    Already done
  11. J

    MOD / ADMIN for my site?

    I would highly advise you to not take any applicants directly from here. You should pick an active user on your website. Someone could just come along on here, looking mature, and then have extremely bad morals and mess with your website. At the current state of your website, you really...
  12. J

    This is a seriously out - of order in court! *falling off laughing*

    I dont think tihs is real. Funny though
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    nVidia Users: Free Steam Games

    is there a way to spoof your hardware information (make it look like you have another type of graphics card?)
  14. J

    nVidia Users: Free Steam Games

    is there any offers like this anywhere else? I really really want to get my hands on more games
  15. J

    Mime types

    I have been googling this problem for a while and searching the forums, none of the proposed 'fixes' work.
  16. J

    Mime types

    I read the article and it told me i can edit the mime types in cpanel. However, I cannot find them. Can someone point me in the right direction? Edit: also i tried doing this: AddType application/mono aspx ascx...
  17. J

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    It won't happen again. I promise
  18. J

    ASPX help

    I think the problem would be server side, yet the link you gave him would only help if he was serving the files himself
  19. J

    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    how would it be against tos? having a relationship with an animal, basically. It wasn't supposed to be offensive, just a joke. sorry
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    OMG! My Siberian Husky has a crush on me!!

    I thought bestiality was illegal. lol.