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    Free Hosting Account missing

    Any Update on the issue.
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    Free Hosting Account missing

    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried to get the username "sunils" on the same page. But it says username not available. PFA the screenshot.
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    Free Hosting Account missing

    Hi Team, I had a free hosting account with x10 (username/cpanel name :- sunils). But currently it seems unavailable. If I login to account settings/panel, I am show that website is registration pending. I would like to have my account activated/created with the same username (sunils). Please...
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    site not loading showing some image with error

    It could be some error with joomla installing.
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    To the admin(bug report)

    Just try now. Its working i think.
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    To the admin(bug report)

    We are working to achieve and elimate all the bugs we are having and we are showing a good progress
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    Hello Again

    Welcome back. Happy posting.
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    which phone to buy

    I think you need to update your budget by 1k or 2k to get good features and which will be available in the market for long. i suggest you to go for HTC.
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    Best Internet security package

    Currently i am using AVAST for the windows 7. Its finding some harmful malwares from certain webpages when it loads in my system
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    where can i upload my file ??

    Hi, Login to your cpanel. open file directory. navigate to public_html folder. Upload your files to public_html folder.
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    Changing root directory (index.*, etc.)

    Hi, just put a index page with the following code in it. <script language="javascript"> location =; </script> Upload the page to your public_html directory. now when you put in your browser it will automatically go to...
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    To the admin(bug report)

    I have reported to admin. They will fix it ASAP.
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    Wow a new idea. I liked the design. Its totally different for what i have seen till now..
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    Is this good?

    Congrats. You are getting good amount of visitors.
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    Hi, Yes, you are right. Minvarld means My World in swedish. i have selected it after searching...

    Hi, Yes, you are right. Minvarld means My World in swedish. i have selected it after searching lot on google..
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    Looking for Web Designers

    I really loved to help you, but i am only free from next month. Is it ok?
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    Please have a look at my site

    Its a good attempt. I will rate it between 7 and 8. But one suggestion. Please take care of the site resolution.
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    Review my awesome site.

    The flash animation was good. But you should have left the door to remain open in the animation till the page is redirected to next page. More over, you should have done something with the site resolution. My rating :- 5
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    How to host asp .net application

    /****************Moving the thread************************/
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    please help me - upload

    You have to upload the file in your public_html folders. Once that is done, you can try your url to find if the page is being displayed.