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    Blocking Bandwidth Leeches ~ V2.1

    wow thank you for the code, its to bad alot of people dont take the time to set up htaccess, leaving sites vulnarable to attack, dos, or like you said file leeching :|
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    Recycle Bin ~ VBScript

    now how do i recover them? hahaha just playing thanks man i'll give it a try ;)
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    Free Ram ~ VBScript

    thanks it was helpful
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Personally i do not use AV's but my suggestion would be either AVG or Estnod32 (easy) estnod usally picks up everything and just makes it disapear before you even find out yourself AVG of course is a little bigger and alerts you more often...out of the 2 i would say AVG cause they update more...
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    Using MySQL

    that is interesting i think the problem my be server side talk to your host about it, because i rememer having to use a php script to upload my sql database and i got the same type of error but it turns out i had no privaleges to my user to even be attempting to access MySql, hope u figure that...
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    Someone got A virus...

    lol @ norton and i thought that they were also affilated with dell right?
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    Port 80

    try port fowarding your router to double check if its your ISP, also disable any firewall during the setup of your server...this is only a suggestion because i have also had similar problems if that does work try checking your if your main ip is cause if it is that could also cause...