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    How to make a folder 403

    Hotlink protection will disallow people from hosting your images on their website through your links. However, a quick way to block a directory is to check what your directory's default file is - such as index.htm, index.php, or whatever, and create a BLANK TEXT FILE in Notepad or other text...
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    Free hosting not worth the money :)

    Sharky, Guess you are the one who jinxed me now, :eek: because I just opened a support ticket with X10Premium due to a webmail client on my website (I am not running a mail server, mind you, just a way for people to access e-mail) not working, where it was earlier. This is with no changes on...
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    Free hosting not worth the money :)

    JJordan and all, Again, posting this status update ad nauseam does nothing to help matters. What's more, this status update was posted over one day after the issue was discovered. And it came after TWO OTHER ISSUES [disk full on VOX and MYSQL not available] that were not reported in a...
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    Free hosting not worth the money :)

    Hi, It is with regret that I am no longer utilizing my free web space with X10Hosting, because of too much downtime. the latest issue being a 503 Service Unavailable error on VOX. Now, before anyone replies with "what do you expect for free?" I do have an X10Premium account, and simply wanted...
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    Server Moves

    Hi! Add another Chopin user here. My site has migrated, but my CPANEL is missing the advanced DNS Zone Editor, so it makes changing and coordinating DNS records difficult - I cannot change anything using the SIMPLE DNS editor. In fact, I am an X10 Premium user too, and the DNS records in the...
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    ETA as to database fixes on Chopin?

    I know this is free hosting, but being that quite a few people have posted with database issues, do you think someone could post an update on the resolution? Chat is useless at this point, and I cannot reply to other people's threads, so I had to start my own. I too am on Chopin, and going to...
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    Any chance of enabling this option in Litespeed?

    Hello, I am using Cloudflare with my websites hosted on Chopin [Free] as well as When calling the PHP function to determine a client's IP address and/or display it on my site, the address returned is the one of Cloudflare's proxy. Since the free and paid servers are now...
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    Chopin issues again?

    Hi, Having problems accessing my free site on CHOPIN, at Don't know if this is related, but I also have a PREMIUM HOSTING account on S4, and when I check my DNS zone editor on Chopin I can see the zones I added via CPanel on S4. ??? ---------- Post added at 02:18...
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    Chopin down?

    Hi, At the time of this post, I cannot access Chopin or my website stored within. Any issues I need to know about? New IP address? Thanks, Joe
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    subdomain question

    Hello, I am testing this service by having my primary website hosted here.. so far it's been awesome. I want to move another script here - it's a PHP webmail script; only the front-end to my existing IMAP server - NO E-MAILS WILL BE STORED on this X10 servers. I currently have it set up like...
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    Server down?

    Hi, My domain is not working right now - going to gets THE PAGE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE... PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. Are you performing maintenance on Chopin?