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  1. GG-Xtreme

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get some gibberish on a piece of paper. I insert 1514 posts.
  2. GG-Xtreme

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get May 33rd. I insert a Time Paradox.
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    I am also experiencing the fitbit problem. Thank you. Have had this issue for around 2 weeks now and it's alternating. Some days we have it and others we don't. Just found this thread. My website is
  4. GG-Xtreme

    McCAIN Vs. Obama I don't entirely blame Bush for the economy either. I blame the republicans for over-deregulation and terrible economic ideas, and the democrats for doing pretty much nothing until now. Bush DOES have a bad history...
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    Yahoo Answers is only more reliable when you ask specific questions in the right categories. For example: (this is not the original, but the one on WikiAnswers only copies they original Yahoo Answers one as a joke).
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    McCain will tax healthcare. That is a much bigger deal to me than a tax on gas. If you think Obama is going to spend a lot, then take a second look at McCain. Economic analysts predict that McCain's plan will cause a debt more than 25x that of Obama's plan. Remember, Congress can't do anything...
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    Religion should not be a factor in a presidential election. What about Palin's Church where they speak in tongues, and how she claims that her acts and the Iraq war are 'God's plan'?
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    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    Obama. I originally didn't mind if either of them won, but with Palin on the ticket, Obama is the more logical choice.
  9. GG-Xtreme

    "We will never forget"

    I live in NYC (Bronx), and I was in 5th grade when it happened (I happened to be sick at home on that day). I remember everything vividly.
  10. GG-Xtreme

    What would you rather have

    I would prefer the PS3, since I'm a PC gamer and the only game I might get on a console is GT5. I would get it mainly because I have a PSP, because of it's platform and hardware features and support, and because I have a nice TV that could use the Blu-ray upgrade.
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    How can i make SWF not downlodable.

    They can still download it. The only way I can think of is having one SWF as a shell that loads another one without disclosing the URL.
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    What's good about this?

    It's a very effective coolant. 360 owners should run their 360's from a tub of mineral oil :laugh:
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    please explain..

    If be the CELL you mean a cell, then it didn't have nostrils at all. If it required Oxygen, it would be by diffusion through some sort of cell membrane.
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    Post your first computer

    The first computers owned by my family were a Gateway tower and a Compaq desktop, both running Windows 3.1 (I don't remember the specs of either). I owned an IBM ThinkPad laptop running Windows 95 that had a slow Pentium MMX processor, a CD-ROM drive, 64MB of RAM and a 3.5" floppy drive (no...
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    What Antivirus do you prefere??

    I'm glad that your experience with McAfee wasn't like mine. I had to reformat 2 computers because of it. I beta-tested ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and Norton 360, and was both surprised and pleased. Are there any particular reasons why you hate AVG? Have you tried the latest version? Also...
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    18 year age restriction on spores online functions!

    :rolleyes: Happens a lot on the Mii Channel if you own a Wii.
  17. GG-Xtreme

    What Antivirus do you prefere??

    McAfee is a massive resource hog, besides having many problems and being a poor choice overall. AVG, Avast and Avira, all free AV's, are much better than McAfee. If (for some stupid reason) you refuse to install a free AV, Kapersky is one of the best AV's in the world, and I've heard that NOD32...
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    Funny Picture Thread

    Reminds me of this pic I found when working on a physics project:
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    What is the Google PageRank of your site?

    My website shows up first in almost all related searches on any search engine, but the PageRank Checker just shows 'Datacenter Down' for all Data Servers. According to Google, my site has a 'Low' pagerank, but there is no numerical value listed. Also, the checker says that my other site (not an...
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    Best Current Gen. Console?

    This looks like CGI as well (not realtime of course): And I think that looks photorealistic. Obviously, the PS3 realtime render doesn't look that good, but for a realtime render, it looks more photorealistic than anything I've seen on...