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    LARAVEL error 500

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    LARAVEL error 500

    My bad. Can we go to chrome inspect - networks and check the response there and check your controller & router file. or do you suggest checking the laravel file logs and finding the issure there.
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    LARAVEL error 500

    typically, a 500 error indicates an issue with either your .htaccess file (located in the public directory) or the web.config file (also found in the same directory). Have you made any modifications to these files? I recall that configuring .htaccess files to function properly on XAMPP could be...
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    Upgrade hosting space

    For that much storage you must go for a managed cloud hosting. Within the ToS you can not reach that level. with a good managed cloud hosting you can easily host your website and focus on your goal, whereas the backups and updates will be taken care of by your hosting provider. Along with it the...