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  1. chris5858

    Forum Account

    Hi, can you please delete the forum account chris5858 thanks
  2. chris5858


    you have been reported
  3. chris5858


    Thank you very much. Because of this heartfelt, non-rude post, I will donate my credits to you as I will not be keeping this account. Why can't you take this maturely like everyone else?
  4. chris5858


    I almost feel bad for posting this, but I just want to put a little quote taken from the heliohost website. Now, I will be the big person here, and bid you a polite adieu. Overall, this host has been good for me, but it is time I leave. Thank you and goodbye, Christopher chris5858
  5. chris5858


    How funny. Just as an FYI, in case you were wondering, I just signed up for HelioHost and I am just waiting for the nameserver changes to take effect.
  6. chris5858


    Did you really not know what I meant? Maybe I am not paying, but I am using your service so I count somewhere. What I really don't like is that you never answered my original question. I got the hint. Was that really necessary to put there, or are you just posting pointless, irrelevant...
  7. chris5858


    you expect to keep customers like that? Why do you have that limitation anyway?
  8. chris5858


    Why is it that we can only have three subdomains. There are other hosts that allow 50 or more, for free. I am more than willing to switch should I find the need.
  9. chris5858

    Please review my Technology Site

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these forums are only for x10hosting sites - not blogger.
  10. chris5858

    site review

    Overall, its pretty good. IMPROVEMENTS TO MAKE: Improve the logo Add a better navigation system - links down the side are pretty bad - some might take them as adds Question: Where did you get that blue image? That is my background for Outlook e-mails i send. ;)
  11. chris5858

    What CMS do you suggest?

    For a blog - WordPress For an easy to mangage, simple CMS - Joomla! For a more customizeable, but more difficult CMS - Drupal
  12. chris5858

    What do you think of my website logo?

    It's good, but really big.:happysad:
  13. chris5858

    Please Review my site...

    To be perfectly honest, I don't like it. At all. NO FRAMES - I hate when websites have frames. I have a big monitor and it is annoying to have such a small amount of text need a scroll bar, let alone for netbooks and small monitors. If I want to get back to the title, I will scroll back...
  14. chris5858

    Have a look at my site.

    In general, the site is good. There isn't much to it, which makes it easier for some less experienced users to just get the info they need. The navigation menu, I think, could use some improvement. I feed that just boring links makes a site look too basic. There are many ways you could...
  15. chris5858

    Any constructive comments?

    Overall, it is a great design. The color scheme makes it look very nice and elegant. Good Work;)!