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  1. IonCannon218

    WOW - Hard Installation

    Shouldn't this thread be in Gamer's Lounge?
  2. IonCannon218

    What smartphone do you have?

    I'm curious to what people on here use.
  3. IonCannon218

    Count to 1 Million

    This thread is still going? O_o 2390
  4. IonCannon218

    Google+ vs Facebook

    I just got Google+ a few hours ago and I must say I like the simplicity of the UI and design of Google+. I like the idea of Circles which can easily sort connections and also restrict postings to specific ranges of people like family only, friends only, business contacts only, or just simply all...
  5. IonCannon218

    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    I used an Pentium 3 with 256MB of RAM back in the day. Went up to Celeron and then got a modern dual core last year.
  6. IonCannon218

    Which Power Plan do you use?

    Desktop - Balanced but customized Laptop - Switch between power saver (on battery) and balanced (on AC). Both are customized.
  7. IonCannon218

    Unofficial x10hosting wallpaper

    Love the wallpaper! I have all 3 wallpapers in my cycle :)
  8. IonCannon218

    Another unofficial x10hosting wallpaper :)

    Perfect to replace some of my wallpapers that I'm tired of :P Thanks!
  9. IonCannon218


    Welcome to x10hosting! :D
  10. IonCannon218


    Do the VPS nodes uses Ksplice for kernel updates? I'm just curious about that since the node my VPS is on is so stable now and my VPS is approaching 150 days uptime.
  11. IonCannon218

    Central Backup

    Enable on my account please.
  12. IonCannon218

    This is not free hosting support!

    This should be stickied
  13. IonCannon218


    It's "knock on wood" not "touch wood"
  14. IonCannon218

    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    Gmail ftw!
  15. IonCannon218


    Do you backup your VPS!? If so, how do you backup?
  16. IonCannon218

    Question about VPS

    As long it follows US laws and x10hosting AUP/TOS of course
  17. IonCannon218


    What do you use? I just switched from apache to lighttpd and it's so much faster!
  18. IonCannon218

    DDoS Attacks

    I have nothing really worth hacking for on my VPS. I do have fail2ban and just changed the SSH port to an non standard port.
  19. IonCannon218

    The Fail award

    It wasnt the actual game itself, I was playing in the Sandbox Editor.
  20. IonCannon218

    x10's VPS the best?

    POLL!! x10 is very good for the price that's for sure!