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  1. JuniorD

    Forum account deletion request.

    Can I get this account deleted?
  2. JuniorD

    rtmp ??????????/

  3. JuniorD

    My Website Design

    Very nice, however I'd recommend the music to be a bit quieter on startup.
  4. JuniorD

    Oh god. I'm happy I fixed the your-you're issue later on down the road.

    Oh god. I'm happy I fixed the your-you're issue later on down the road.
  5. JuniorD

    neteater's new site

    Pretty nice. Though I think you should make that block of darkness a soft, light shadow. Pretty good, one of the best I've seen today. (Simplicity is good.) 9/10. (Harsh rating. Could use a bit more organization) Note: I am taking back my post-on-every-topic-for-three pages title back. :P
  6. JuniorD

    Review My Million Dollar Website

    Certainly not worth a million dollars, but very simple and nice. No flaws from what I see. Though since it is simple, yet not complex, then it will be a low score. Sorry. :P 8/10 (Harsh Rating. Due to high simplicity. And ze annoying error! :O)
  7. JuniorD

    Site online

    Nice Marijuana Leaf. Anyways, its simple. I believe you are following a tutorial, which is a minus for originality. And, note to self, NEVER EVER USE JPEG. Sorry, it must be said. Jpeg sucks in image quality, never use it... ever. 6/10 (Harsh Rating. Low because it lacks originality.) Make that...
  8. JuniorD

    New photo gallery site

    Eh, pretty good. Simple. One complaint (sorry, I'm obsessive) is that I can scroll down about a millimeter and make the images jiggle. I just seem to do that and it distracts me from the page. XD. Anyways, good one, 8/10 (Harsh rating)
  9. JuniorD

    JR Network Back with a bang! and credits!"

    The design seems blurry. There are alot of edges that extend out from the design, and the background repeats, and the character background is cut. The menu doesn't seem to go well with the rest of the design either. Red is a no-go with blue. This may just be a FireFox bug, but you MUST do...
  10. JuniorD

    Review my drupal website

    Pretty cool. Though I do have some recommendations. On the shadows, perhaps you should make them a slightly lighter shade. Also, on the rollover of the menu links, perhaps you should make the arrow, not white, but the same color as the top bar. 8/10 (Harsh rating)
  11. JuniorD

    Infinit and Alias Productions

    Agreed. Try again. If you need template help as well, (learn how to implement and design templates and strategies) go to and submit a ticket. Would be glad to help you. (We may even make a design for you. You have to code it though.)
  12. JuniorD

    Site Resdesign

    Too many gradients, ribbons make it look messier then what it was with just gradients. Grey doesn't form well with the shade of blue either. Like the layout, but didn't like how you implemented the graphics and ideas. 5/10 (Harsh rating.)
  13. JuniorD

    New photography gallery site

    Simple, yet simple makes almost perfect, better then some glossed up sites, even. Very good, 8/10. (Harsh rating.)
  14. JuniorD

    Please review my website!

    Invalid Hostname. Fix-er-up.
  15. JuniorD

    review my website

    Pretty nice, though I'm not a fan of all the content gradients. As well as that weird white bar down at the bottom. Funny looking. I'd rate it a 9 out of 10 if I had to do so harshly. : )
  16. JuniorD

    Welcome back, ole pal.

    Welcome back, ole pal.
  17. JuniorD

    800 credits for 200 stumbleupon accounts

    Yeah, this is a total breaking of StumbleUpon's TOS.
  18. JuniorD


    Would be easier if you described what you want.
  19. JuniorD

    Halo Wars!

    Eh, its ok. Have it, but I prefer Tom Clancey's Endwar. I guess I like yelling at people to go kill people. :P
  20. JuniorD


    Darn you beat me to it. Oh well.