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    site offline

    It's quite obvious.They don't know what they are doing at x10 hosting. Basically,It's just not reliable. I wouldn't advise anybody to use x10 hosting.
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    To everyone who's had a problem with their site in the last week

    The problems have been going on way too long for me. I've lost all faith in x10 hosting.I'm not going to bother 'repairing' my site even if I could sign in at C-panel again. The deal was that we're supposed to post on the forum in return for free hosting.I did my part,they didn't do they...
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    Where is cpanel?

    Hello. Some of us had problems with our sites and we were given new passswords.My old address for cpanel was This is no longer available now. Where can I find the cpanel? Thanks
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    Are You Afraid Of Dying?

    I'm not afraid of dying.Having faith means that our soul and spirit continue on anyway.
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    California Fires

    There must be a lot of flameable forestry in California containing deadwood etc. If only they could find an easy way of removing the deadwood to prevent such fires.
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    X10 are number 1

    X10 hosting is the greatest.
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    I am a left hand writer

    I think probably anybody would be ambidextorous if taught from an early enough age.
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    Your Favorite Instrumental Songs

    led zeppelin-moby dick.
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    Remote access

    I was wondering.Remote access should be set to off by default in our php.ini file right? Does anybody know? Thanks
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    A logic question

    Surely the odds are on it being a red hat.It would make sense statistics wise.
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    My parakeets, George and Ping Pong

    Parakeets are definitly exotic.Hope to see the pictures as well.
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    Any ideas for a good name for my site?

    I don't know.How about: That should also be available as a domain name.
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    python or java?

    It depends what your defintion of payoff is. Java is definitly the more commercially viable 'career' language where python is truly more 'open source' oriented. It depends on what you want to do with your programming. Perhaps your thread is a little too general.You should elaborate more...
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    Gmail Goggles saves the day....

    Sounds usefull.I don't think I would of had any use for it yet but you never know.It could come in handy.
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    When was X10 born ?

    4 years?Tha'ts quite a while.All I can say is x10 hosting has been great.
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    Favourite Artists

    I like way too many to just pick 5.My musical taste and pallette is just way too extensive.I like many of the ones allready mentioned.
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    about Co.Cc

    What about about were really good when I used them.
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    US's declining economy

    I'm no economist either but an economies natural cycle is to go up and down,so things will get better. The U.S Iraq/Afghanistan war budget is no doubt putting a strain on things though.
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    Free webhost, safemode off, php with no restrictions ALL BS READ IT!

    Some of these web hosts are awfull.X10 hosting is by far the best.
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    Well again downtime..

    I can't really say I've had much downtime myself.