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  1. J

    Unable to access cpanel for my site

    Lol you was using webmail
  2. J

    can't remove addon domain

    Hmm, im not sure but ask the staff and they should do it for you, they did it for me before ;)
  3. J

    is there a problem on lotus?

    This should now be sorted, My lotus site is back up there was some technical difficulties. Dont worry! :)
  4. J

    Plz Review the WezeeMall as its now Hosted with x10!

    Lol, the first one is messy, second is cool, third is okay... Lol hope you got a good idea from that. :D
  5. J

    Hello everyone im new again been a while

    welcome back.
  6. J

    Can not log in to CPanel

    what server are you on as Lotus is having issues atm.
  7. J

    "The Connection Was Reset"

    Im on lotus and i have the same problem, its down now but i hope its back soon. i want to use starka its up more..
  8. J

    Why Why Why

    Anybody know why im down?
  9. J

    Why Why Why

    when i was on starka (my old site) the service was fine and up most of the time now im on another server of yours its like down every now and then for like 5-10 mins and its getting annoying.. Why is this?
  10. J

    Free .com domains?

    Lol, getyourbusiness online offers free but you cant park to your own hosting only on their site builder and its trusted coz its in accosiation with bt, google, yahoo etc and advertised on the radio. idk!
  11. J

    Offer small free things

    Sounds good, cool!
  12. J

    Graphics/Skin Designer needed.

    Well, hmmmm i can design but not code them :S i can code normal layouts though for websites. if that helps :D Pm me if u want.
  13. J

    Favorite Operating System

    well i like vista but prefer xp, mate broke my vista laptop with juice :L so i use xp desktop now but im getting 7 soon :D
  14. J

    X10hosting is the best free hosting!!!

    Yep, i like x10hosting and once i got suspended for nulled scripts but i learnt and now i dontuse nulled scripts and i just use personal site as a normal site now :D