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    How is everyone else's email?

    Finally got a reply to my ticket. Summation? Basically they're idiots for not updating the status post to show that mail services are down and leaving us all wondering and without service. Ok, if I put it more politely, they confirmed that mail services are down. I get it, it's a free...
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    How is everyone else's email?

    Nope, no joy on emails yet. I'm moving my hosting & such elsewhere until they get it fixed. I very much liked their service prior to the updates - everything worked perfect and it was exactly what I needed. However, 2+ weeks of issues... Time to turn to something more reliable.
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    How is everyone else's email?

    Still having issues. It's been a week and nothing on the status page reflects that they're working on it imo, so I'm going to send in a ticket. Really hope it gets resolved soon - a week without email is not good.
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    is boru.x10hosting down, or is it blocked by my college??

    Always check here first for questions about server status: It says resolved 4/7 but I think they mean 4/17. Anyway, give it a shot now and see if it's working? Still possible it's down though, they're still doing maintenance on the free servers and having issues.
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    Email weirdness

    I'm having similar issues ( Been having them since the maintenance started (first no errors - just emails lost in cyberspace, now a hard bounceback/500 error). The status page ( looks like they're...
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    Online or not?

    The top post is on the Free Server Maintenance, and it doesn't say done/resolved yet, so I'm going to assume it's still a work in progress. Also, from the above and another post ( it looks like I'm not the only one. I can...
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    Online or not?

    Ok, according to the status page (, it says: "RESOLVED 04/16/12 1:38 PM CST All servers should be back online now." Yet, In the News/Announcements section ( where they added a post there...
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    Server Maintenance messed up my Wordpress?

    Just a guess, but since they're not done fixing everything, it's probably related. Wait until they say they're done, then see if you still have problems...
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    Illuminated problem

    Yeah, definitely don't need to wait more for propagation! At the moment, I'd tack it up to the fact that they're busy with having servers down and they'll probably get to you as fast as they can, once they wade through the thousands of tickets of "my website isn't working!".
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    Illuminated problem

    How long ago did you switch? It usually takes things 24-48 hours to propagate across the net, so you may just need to wait a little longer for everything to work. Especially since they're still having issues with some of their servers.
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    starka back online

    Yay! Website working again! Ridiculously slow, but at least it works. Now if only they could get email back up and working. I have a very high tolerance since it's a free service, but 48+ hours is starting to get to me.
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    Files and Cpanel..

    Yeup, Starka here and same problem. Emails also won't send via smtp, or receive via pop3. Can't get into cPanel, etc. I figure it's related to the issues from earlier today and assume (hope) they're just still working on it and it'll be resolved soon.