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    [REQ][600 credits]Need a new name for my site

    How about (all tld's available) Edit: With a tag line.. "When I'm here I'm not bored!"
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    Type with your ______!

    typing with my toes. do this~!! to avoid RSI..LOL
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    Free domain.

    Can someone set up one for me?? Edit: As a thank you note, I will send you 150 credits ;-)
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    [REQ][50 CREDITS]Comment on my blog

    *Still waiting for the credits*
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    Review My Website

    Portal page or whatever it's called. I haven't worked with IPB for years. I used to run an IPB powered forum 2-3 years, back when IPB was free.
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    Please review my site

    No problem. Hope it's helped. :)
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    Review My Website

    It would have been very interesting to see what your comments were.. (Can't you type them again? :-P lol) You're welcome. And, thanks for the credits.
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    Review My Website

    Overall, a very nice design. Just a few suggestions: - I'm not really fond of 'enter here' pages. I think a visitor should get to see most of what your website offers as soon as they land on your homepage. Instead, create a homepage that describes your website and links to different parts of...
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    Serenity Labs

    The blog looks nice, thin like the iPod nano. But the homepage looks bland. Try to make it look more like the blog. Or I would suggest that you set the main page of the blog as your home page, and you can post all the news, articles and updates there. Why have another "home"-page when your blog...
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    [REQ][50 CREDITS]Comment on my blog

    Registered as bb and posted comments on both the posts. *Waiting for my 60 credits*
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    Please review my site

    I'm not into animes (I have only watched 'Grave of the Fireflies", anime?), so I can't comment on the content. But I like the layout. It's a nice and simple design, not cluttered. Just a few tips though: - Create a logo. Just play around with the word on photoshop, or get someone to design a...