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    Just Saying Hello

    You should. Depending on how you treat it, it can be simple HTML with a few extras, or a full-featured programming language in itself. Although I don't suppose you could do large-scale numerical computation in PHP since the process would run out of memory allowed execution time. ---------- Post...
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    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their noses and open their mouth so they flap the pudding between their feet and hands. This is boring. Monkeys fling pancakes over seals BUT albatrosses rarely fall for double-glazing. When the salesmen dodges smelly and begins dancing spandex shorts alone, his...
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    PHP, Mysql, and creating a log in system for users help

    I have used the SimpleLoginSecure plugin for the Codeigniter framework before (or maybe it was simply the SimpleLogin plugin. Both would work.). It's not quite cut-and-paste, and you have to get used to Codeigniter's model/view/controller programming strategy first, which might take you a week...
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    Your Deskotop!

    Mine's a *little* messier than usual. Usually, I just keep the one Iomega icon. Although, come to think of it, I'd be happier if I just removed it. Should be doable... And that Docky thing; I'm not sure how i feel about that yet, either. I also keep a netbook with its own second...
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    repeated suspensions

    My hosting account keeps getting suspended for "high system resource usage". I'm pretty sure it's not bandwidth or hits/minute, unless I'm being attacked by the googlebot or something. I have a single cron backup job that runs once a week. I do have 95MB of files for my Codeigniter installation...