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    Metered Disk Space

    ohh i see but still have a hundred mb to go thanks!
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    Metered Disk Space

    I'm currently editing my website via cPanel and to my surprise, I saw a yellow gauge which is under the Disk Space usage. My account's disk space has been limited to 1024MB of disk space. Is this normal? Or just another cPanel bug? I'm on stoli
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    Parked Domain not working

    i don't get what you're saying o.o well what i want is to make my parked domain (which is to work, but unfortunately, it keeps on giving Server error pages from x10hosting Are there any problems?? (don't mind my main domain, weird eh)
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    Parked Domain not working

    I recently added a new parked domain for my account which is but unfortunately, when I visit the link, it keeps on saying Server Error I used and I also tried using redirects but mehh.. not working Uhmm another one, can you change my main...
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    Website Gone all wrong

    I recently checked my website and to my surprise, it says a default web page (cpanel default web page) and a day after that, it wouldn't find the website already (browser saying page cannot be found) and my files are all gone including the databases and tables i'm on stoli also stoli is...
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    MySQL Error 28

    bumpp any update on this one, still happens to my website so i decided to make it offline for a while
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    MySQL Error 28

    My mybb forum is throwing out 1030 - Got error 28 from storage engine and i search google about error 28 and it's about the mysql storage and that means the mysql storage is full i'm on stoli
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    MySQL Unable to create thread error

    that is the error generated by my forum's mybb stoli server
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    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    kinda having problems with my forum with this one, it usually triggers HRU because of the tasks (when they are run by the forum).
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    MySQL table crashed (in use)

    my MySQL table crashed or says a status of in use giving the forum (MyBB) errors. i'm on stoli table name is mybb_posts
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    Problem logging in to cPanel

    yeah, no errors are shown. but the post_login query is applied though.
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    Problem logging in to cPanel

    Well it seems that the new login theme is bugging me I don't know but when i tried to login, even though correct username and pass, it would just redirect to the login page again (even though the address bar has a login query already) so because of that, i still need to login from x10hosting...
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    Network Upgrade

    oh currently here my database go again. i'm missing the mybb_threadviews table again sad gonna revert it again from backup lol. hoping the mysql will be good 'cause that's a site's problem esp those with Free php scripts around (joomla,mybb,phpbb etc etc)
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    core i3 integrated vga

    well if you're using i3, and want integrated vga, perhaps a nice integrated vga (like HD or sumthin) which the motherboard featured. and in fact, if your motherboard can handle i3 cpus (socket compatibility) then go! no problem with that but graphics card should make it better (if you're to...
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    Windows or Linux?

    if i'm gonna go for software, i'll go windows since most known things can be installed on windows. if you want just surfing or some clean and free from viruses, then i might go for linux. but if you don't want to use any of these OS, watch a television D:
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    Alert-alert - google de-indexed/banned all sub domains

    yeah every site was deleted, but in the site contents wasn't though
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    Count to 1 Million

    2395 unknown things posted.
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    Change a letter!

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    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    Pentium 4 (forgot the processor model) 2.09GhZ 512 MB ram 80GB HDD NVIDIA 5500 FX (removed 'cause it was eaten by mouse, so make it OnBoard Graphics which is 64mb) Well seems like best ryt? 'cause its motherboard is freakingly awesome :D,
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    FileZilla is the best for me, easy to understand for beginners.