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    Website Designers Needed!

    He is not selling domains and it is a temporary site. I am working on some designs now for him to pick from.
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    Template for sale...

    That is why he has been reported. He also tried to sell free software to another member not long ago (i.e few days ago). I'm also adding him to the blacklist since this is his third post trying to sell free software. I have also notified kbjradmin and asked him to request a moderator's or...
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    Template for sale... They are free, I found them on about 7 sites.
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    Website Designers Needed!

    This isn't a fraud in case anyone is wondering.
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    How do I make a Generator/simulator?

    Use flash, it should be much easier.
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    PHP E-mail with attachment

    I have made this script to combine my 3 script e-mail system into a one script system but it always sends the message as an attachment. I cannot figure out why though. Here is the script. // code removed for security Sorry, I think I see the problem, it is in the boundary string and content...
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    After working and working I still can't get the single PHP file system to work. It still sends...

    After working and working I still can't get the single PHP file system to work. It still sends the message as an attachment unless an actual attachment is specified.
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    Website Designers Needed!

    I will make some. I am not the worlds best graphic designer but I will make some. I am better at making custom templates (i.e. someone tells me what they want). I can also code and slice images very well. I would also be glad to offer custom programming for your customers. I attached some...
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    some coding required.. will pay upto 1300 credits

    I'll make it but I can't guarantee the Google Apps compatibility. I can easily program the frontend and backend for your MySQL based sign-up system though. Also, the email should be rather easy. Do you want the data sent as an attachment to an e-mail or do you want it sent as the body of the...
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    I need to lower the pitch of some PAL XviD videos

    Do you want the actual videos sent to someone, modified, and sent back to you? Do you want an actual solution to do it yourself? Do you need it to be on the fly? Have you tried some of the media editing tools in the CS3 suite (e.g. Encore)?
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    50 credits for a Comment on my blog

    Above you said, "50 credits please".
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    Scratch and Win card game. It is free software!
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    50 credits for a Comment on my blog 50 credits please. I left the 3 and 4 backwards comment under the name Dwayne.
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    Need some one to code a PSD!

    I will slice, code, and program for credits instead of cash. Think, $3 vs. $50 for the same or better quality service. See the PM I sent you.
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    Custom CMS Help

    I am working on a customs CMS for a family genealogy site, and I will also make a modified version for my main site. I am not looking for forums or anything big. I am using PHP and MySQL. I am working on small bits of it at a time and I will then integrate them all. I was looking for a...
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    Wanted: Flash Htlm Page Reward: 500

    I'll make one for you. I just need to know what metadata you need me to add.
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    trying to make a site with Photoshop, but..

    1x1 would only be one pixel.
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    how is my websit

    The button for the search at the top is hidden. The word "query" in "top search query", in my opinion, doesn't really belong since not everyone is a geek.
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    Website creation

    I user Dreamweaver but use the code window more than a little. I like the split view so I can make quick edits to the code and see the result in the layout. I basically couldn't live without Dreamweaver or without the code view.
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    Is your site using too much resources or is their server just too slow?

    Not to mention the adfree servers. I am personally very pleased with x10. It is free, gives almost no limits, and the staff are very helpful. Go to any other free host and tell me what you think. Good luck finding one with over 200MB bandwidth and one MySQL database! Many don't even have...