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    If you are the owner of this website and were not expecting to see this page, please

    If you are the web site owner, it is possible you have reached this page because: * The IP address has changed. * There has been a server misconfiguration. * The site may have been moved to a different server. ??????
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    Holograms replacing rock stars?

    I happen to have come across this video last night and reflected (oh man I'm reflecting on a reflection) but anyway I reflected that the spectators were relating to something that wasn't human, in fact it wasn't even corporeally there. But whatever sells tickets. It seems the next logical step...
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    unable to access email/webmail

    I can't access emails from Outlook Express or webmail, I tried using horde, squirrelmail, and roundcube without success. The problem had been intermittent for awhile, but has now been going on at least since yesterday. Any help appreciated. error message on OE6: A time-out occurred while...
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    you people are unbelievable

    No websites and no email for over two weeks now. If you weren't going to get my sites back up within some reasonable time frame I should have been notified so I could move them. If possible I'd like whatever emails I may have received since the sites were taken down.
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    account suspension

    How do I get my account unsuspended? I requested this a week ago and am still waiting. I may have a couple of important emails I need to read.
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    downtime estimate

    I need an estimate of when my sites are going to be back up. People are asking about them and if the downtime is going to be much more open ended I need to move them.
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    Chopin Expedited Copy Little Timmy can't get his operation until all the sites are back up ......
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    still waiting

    to hear back from you on why I can't get to the control panel. Opened a ticket yesterday. Am I reading too much in to "account in good standing"?
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    account lockdown

    Has my account been locked down? I can't update it.
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    In your opinion what is the most powerful programming language

    Except for the occasional flashback to Fortran on the campus mainframe I've only coded in Basic and VB, but I've been getting into PICs lately and reading the posts it sounds like I need to learn C++. Actually come to think of it I've been doing very basic PIC Assembly and I expect that may...
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    phantom emails

    Hey- I have 3 email addresses with you that I'm using Outlook Express 6 with, and they seemed to be working okay and I can send emails to them from my Juno address and they're received, but I keep getting "you've got mail" notices and I can see apparent emails coming through in the OE6 receiving...
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    can't log in to control panel

    hey- I can't seem to log into my account. My websites are still up but I can't access the control panel. I notice others are having this problem. What's the deal?
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    email filtering parameters

    hey- I'm trying to create an email filter but when I save it the "does not match" drop down turns to "equals" in both rules. What's the deal? any help appreciated Ted