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    Best Malware Detectors? Is Spybot Search & Destroy up to date?

    I use Malwarebytes Anti Malware. I think it is good enough for my current needs. No viruses in my system so far. Been using it in tandem with McAfee AV.
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    Which company have this Laptop with this configuration?

    Will you be using this setup for work or for gaming? 2GB DDR5 is what you usually find for gaming laptops. Try ALIENWARE. They have laptops with these specs.
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    who is COMPUTER Engineer here

    I am a computer engineer myself. Most young children are as good at fixing computers nowadays though, so I don't know why you are looking for computer engineers. If you've got problems with computers, let your kids try fix it. You'd be surprised.
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    Windows or Linux?

    Linux at work, windows for play.
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    PC Starts but nothing on monitor?

    Check your video card (assuming you have one). Poster above is correct about bad caps. Not only from the mobo side but also from the video card side. I have replaced SEVERAL bad caps on video cards myself. These cheap capacitors usually "puff" open at the top (look for busted/popped/cracked...
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    Windows or Linux?

    Linux for work. Windows for playing games. Not much games available for linux (compared to Windows, that is). Dont start me into "WINE runs blahblahblah...". It's just me. Linux=work; Windows=play. ;)
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    How do you retrieve files, documents from a laptop HD.

    If this is a SATA laptop harddisk, you can connect it directly to your desktop PC's SATA connector and copy files from there. If you are going to buy an external harddisk usb enclosure, make sure it is the correct type (SATA or IDE).
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    Ubuntu or Windows 7

    I use (and prefer) Ubuntu at work. For home use (gaming!) it's gotta be Windows. I don't do dual-boot (or multi-boot). I just have a separate computer for each task.
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    What type of CPU do you have?

    A: Intel Core i3 B: Core i7 Extreme C: Custom! D: Either. AMD or Intel is fine with me. I am just using Core iXXX because that's what I do my programming on at work (to ensure compatibility) E: Brand really don't matter nowadays. PC performance depends on how the system's configured (setup...
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    cant open some sites

    I guess it's a firewall issue. Or try a proxy site as stardom suggested.
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    Do You Think XP will be Phased Out Eventually- Alternative OS?

    Microsoft IS phasing out XP. But a lot of users (like me) still use XP because of it's simplicity. I guess we really have no choice but upgrade to another OS because most hardware (desktops and laptops) no longer support installing XP. Heck, they dont even have official drivers for XP. We...
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    WIN 7 Starter - Suggestions/Comments/Ideas?

    Win 7 Starter is by design a very limited version of Win7. Bypassing the limitations will just probably be a waste of time. Why not try Linux as others have pointed out?
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    slave and master in hhd

    Rubbish? The question was: "i have a harddrive which is in master, will my CDrom should be slave". Of course the cd-writer being ATAPI should NOT BE PLACED on the same cable as a faster drive (hard disk). It is always best to separate your harddisk from your optical drives IF YOU HAVE 2 IDE...
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    CPU Fan?

    You can do it yourself! A good reference would be: (It's for the A205 but it should give you an idea). You can search around the site. They have plenty of examples with pics. ;)
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    slave and master in hhd

    If you're using a cd or dvd writer, better make this the primary then make the harddrive the slave.
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    How i can use smtp server to send emails?

    You have to set-up an smtp server first (of course). After setting one up, make a user account in the smtp server. Then configure an email client to use the server you created and use the account you created. You can now send emails through the smtp server! Of course, if you want a detailed...
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    Is iPod touch 4 worth it?

    Yeah. Definitely. If you are only using it for games and apps, it's good enough for your use. It's also waaayyyy cheaper than an iPhone.
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Alternatively, you can: Open the Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Details > Physical Address Maybe you are looking at the wrong info? Coz if you run ipconfig /all, it will post all adapters including disconnected media adapters. Your adapter (local area connection or...
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    Account still suspended

    Thank you. I thought logging in to my account constitutes as "logging in once a month". I never figured that you have to go to the forums to "login once a month". Thanks again.
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    Account still suspended

    My account was suspended and I followed the steps on how to unsuspend my account. The page said unsuspend successful but my account is still suspended. Please help.