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    Do you believe in God?

    whell some one (or more) UP there has a funny sense of humor. quote “If God creates a world of particles and waves, dancing in obedience to mathematical and physical laws, who are we to say that he cannot make use of those laws to cover the surface of a small planet with living creatures?” from...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    If I get around to testing it will be in a virtual machine image.....
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    The Ctrl+V game

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    What would you improve?

    How about a small fee to extend the 2 week inactivity on accounts to 4 weeks. $$$$$ :dancingna How about details on "paid" account servers ?:facesjump
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    Count to 1 Million

    793. DCCXCIII 793 was a HP pavilion Desktop
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    Joomla ?

    its like building a car just to go shopping.:biggrin: never heard of drupal before, site looks fine think its worth a play.
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get the missing letters "u" "k" "c" (oops) I insert a few magnetic letters from the outside of the staff fridge
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    Santa's little wish list.

    Time (and still have money) to "play" with my sites.
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    what kind of web site would bring the most people?(videos,pics?)

    pics, fake porn ones, very small. They may not return but you will bring them in. lol There are only a few sites that can use video to bring them in so pics is the one to pick.
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    you get a black PC which you can sell to apple. We insert a empty spray can (black)
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    Count to 1 Million

    The Alcatel One Touch 756 phone is a GSM phone.
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    Need a name...

    Try Tron Heard they will remake it in 2009
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    Name servers failing

    its ok, just a bit funny showing someone how good you were and your dead. :dunno: Their site over at freeate is still down, points to me. :laugh:
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    Name servers failing

    its 9.28 PST and since 8.42 the x10 nameservers have been failing. any1 else noticed that ?:dunno: Funny I just found out that "" is also down. mmmmm DoS attacks ?
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    Count to 1 Million

    706. Title 17 of the United States Code 706 Copies of Copyright Office records lol (a) Copies may be made of any public records or indexes of the Copyright Office; additional certificates of copyright registration and copies of any public records or indexes may be furnished upon request and...
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    What do you name your computers?

    normally after old girlfriends so I can remember them lol. the others names had/have like old-compaq (soon to be renamed as flashed the BIOS to a standard one.). old-gateway (was sillymoo). old-**** which was johnny 5'ed (dismantled) arr bad word filter **** starts with s
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    Want to join the x10 team? Read!

    arr well a few more posts then. lol Maybe too old for this anyway ha ha
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    Domain Name Company

    how about same company did you forget your email address ? its the one that goes "name" Forgot Your Password? Email it to me on the page.
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    Count to 1 Million

    653 from internet history. RFC653 Telnet output horizontal tabstops option NIC 31156 (Oct. 25, 1974) D. Crocker (UCLA-NMC).
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    Favorite Old School Games

    nice, and "Doom" on a firms network lol