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    unable to logon

    Hi i am unable to logon to my cpanel as well as my i havent logged on for a while i dont know if this means anything. my website is working fine. it is my username here is azilla
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    345 team a
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    Count to 200

    Re: Count to 50 ;) 56
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    Pokemon Alphabet Game!!

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    Question about Premium

    well i liked it alot because it has more space and it goes faster. but i keep getting all these issues. now my website sais it cannot be found or display i know i didnt do anything wrong with it because i havent touched it all day and i cant even login to cpanel. i hope admins help me resolve...
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    Pokemon Alphabet Game!!

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    Issue with Parked Domain

    ok thank u very much
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    Issue with Parked Domain

    it works now. thank u Edit: now when i enter my domain it takes me straight to index.php instead of index.html would u know how to solve this issue? thanks again for ur help
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    Issue with Parked Domain

    HI, i am having an issue with my domain. For some reason the only way it works is when i go to but wen i enter in the browser it doesnt work. can anyone help me with this please? thanks
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    Question about Premium

    ok it worked. thanks
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    Question about Premium

    oh cool. i went to but its not letting me get one. after i finish step 2 it takes me back to step one and keeps doing that??
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    Question about Premium

    Hi, I currently have a free account. If i decide to buy a premium would i lose what i have on my website already and have to start all over. Or is it still gonna stay the same ? juss want to know before i keep working on my site so i dont add alotta stuff and gotta start all over. lol. thanks!
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    Getting Good In Photoshop?

    i learned my webdesign via mostly and googled alot. try tho
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    AD Enhanced problem

    I get this message wen i try to go to my account panel: BUt i thought i signed up for ad free ?? so ionno wats going on. is it something im doing wrong?
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    Addon Domain Help

    Hi.. I wanted to add an addon domain to my account. I already have a parked domain which is ( but i bought another one ( and i want it to be a different website.. Is dis possible ? or i have to get like a new hosting account? thanx in advance..
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    CPANel not workin

    my cpanel isn't working. It was working this morning, but now i cant login into it and i can't login into the ftp either. is this happening to everyone or just me? Can someone help me? Primary Domain: cPanel URL: Hosting Type:Ad-Free
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    hi all

    hi my name is liz. i am new to this site. its one of the best ones i've seen by the way. so far i am having fun!!!