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    Pepsi vs. Coke

    What do ya'll think is better among pepsi and coke ? This is NOT a poll for your favourite soft drink, but a poll between pepsi and coke only. I prefer Pepsi... It tastes better IMO and coke is stronger (which I don't prefer).
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    Forum credits

    Sorry... I must seem like a complete idiot for asking this... I see that all users have "credits"... now where can I spend these.... I couldn't find any link to a "Shop" (like in SMF) or the like.. please help... thank you! -prasad.
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    Hello all!

    Hello everyone! This is Prasad from India... currently residing in Bahrain... 17/male Im taken ad free hosting for my site Index of / for my online gaming clan here :) Thanks again for it! :D
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    Thank you!

    I must thank you for the ad free hosting you've given me :D It's for my ad free site @ Index of / So thank you! :) I'll be active in these forums and am on vacation right now.. Will actively begin proper development on the site in under 15 days :) Its for my online gaming clan ;)