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  1. milomir

    Help with Website?

    i mean you got a cached html page of your site which redirects you you need to clear your cache or refresh just your site, you can refresh your site by going to your url and then stop loading it and click F5, refresh button is usually replaced by X which stops loading when you click it, but you...
  2. milomir

    New to x10, long time with free and paid hosts 7. Inactivity Accounts found to be inactive are suspended for a 14 day period and then removed from our servers (terminated). All data including any type of backup or stored information is removed with the account. To prevent an account from being suspended for...
  3. milomir

    Site not loading properly-error message being displayed

    500 error can be caused by invalid htaccess, server stability, memory usage, bad cgi script, chmod if in one moment it works and then it doesn't, either its memory usage or server stability, just wait few hrs and if the problem persist contact support :)
  4. milomir

    MySQL Disk Space

    some hosting have defined limit on mysql, some have the same limit as your free disk space, some have no limit at all if x10 has unlimited space/bw i don't see a reason for a limit on mysql
  5. milomir

    Default Page?

    can you post your site url? did you try clearing your cache?
  6. milomir

    [Help] How to change my domain?

    i used x10 subdomain as my main domain then i wanted it changed to my own domain and some of the staff changed it that was long time ago, idk if it can be done now
  7. milomir

    Site not loading properly-error message being displayed

    either your script is not optimized and you used too many mysql connections/server has reached its limit or the server is down/unstable you can check service status in cpanel, look under mysqld
  8. milomir

    What is your job?

    24yo, uneployed, didn't finish school.. i live alone tho my mom is giving me money.. idk what will i do when she dies, become criminal most probably after all i was juvenile delinquent thats why i didn't finish the school yeah i know, sucks but what can i do? in times like this only criminals...
  9. milomir

    Help with Website?

    clear your cache, or stop loading the page before redirect and then click F5
  10. milomir

    Help with Website?

    maybe post your link here? did you try clicking F5 while on that page?
  11. milomir

    2 hosting accounts 1. Server Usage Personal accounts are to be used by the primary owner only. Personal account holders are not permitted to resell, store or give away web-hosting services of their website to other parties. Web hosting services are defined as allowing a separate, third...
  12. milomir

    What are you playing now?

    lately i find myself just installing games for no reason, i never play them lol used to play alot but now i'm just too lazy.. my fav games are lol, wow and civ4 (used to play mostly fps games, later i got addicted to rts and rpg :D)
  13. milomir

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    used opera for years, after it hit v11 i switched to chrome, didn't like the changes.. (and wml got replaced by xhtml-mp, main reason i was using opera was wml)
  14. milomir

    Serbia blocked?

    hi x10, long time no see :D almost forgot about you guys lol anyways, when i tried to register i got "We have disabled registrations from your country of origin due to continued abuse." i'm using telenor mobile internet ( i also tried logging in with my old account but it...
  15. milomir

    ad's good or?

    hay what's up? :P ok. i am using ad enhanced package/advanced, i place you'r ads on my site, but don't know is it good or bad, look at and tell me how it look's :) sorry for my english ;)
  16. milomir

    Can you remove my account?

    domain: username: milomir package: adfree thank you very much...
  17. milomir

    Mail error

    when i try to create new account it says: There was a problem creating the email account. Show Details: Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum allowed email accounts. i have only one account created, in cpanel i see this: Email Accounts 1/ what is the problem?
  18. milomir

    Can you remove?

    can you remove your subdomain? i want to have just my domain as main address of site.. cpanel user: milomir domain: package: adsfree