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  1. mskprathap

    Avoiding ad problems!

    In reference to Announcement made by Corey here:- I will suggest that there be a system in place which itself puts ads on members pages. Members have option of choosing where they want it to appear or may be it can be made in Footer Only. This...
  2. mskprathap

    Is there flexibility in plans?

    Hey! I checked PCRiot and finally joined it. Since I got account here to put adverts,I never checked pcriot earlier since I was so frustated by post thing at one other place,so assumed pcriot to be another spam center.But I was wrong.I find it worth joining and can try to post. I was...
  3. mskprathap

    Placing ads in forum(IPB)

    Hey! I haven't played around with forums much,most time spent with Yabb,so IPB is alien.I tried to figure out how and what to edit to place adsense on forum pages,could do it for index page but what for other pages,how to do that part?What is to be edited? Also,what about private sections or...