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    Post your specs

    not meaning to be rude but you really didn't read the post did you the specification WXGA (Wide eXtended Graphics Array) is equivalent to true resolution of 1280 X 800. the Screen does not blur unless you exceed this specification. The application VMware will alert you that your resolution is...

    Post your specs

    just a tiny upgrade from a dell mini 1012 (it broke... graphics card fried itself during a heavy photoshop session) Lenovo SL400(27434VM) Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5870 (2.00 GHz), 2-MB L2 cache Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics 4500MHD Screen: 14.1" WXGA, Anti-glare...


    Hi guys chopin is rather slow today and doesnt load cpanel fully just gives me 1/4 of the information and i cannot select anything to do with my hosting. Just thought i would make you aware of this. Thanks ---------- Post added at 10:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at...

    Database Error

    Things to check would be you have the correct password, the correct address of your mysql server, and that the user is actually connected to that database (if your using your main account name you shouldnt have that problem) and that your using your userid_databasename

    Who are you people!

    That would be a spam bot that creates accounts not some guy. what you need to do is enable captcha images on signup and also enable admin to approve account requests. which is two simple tick boxes in the registration settings. you just have to remember to check the admin email and approve...

    Download Plugin/ software

    This is the closest i have found so far to what you want its a script that organises your uploads into directories for example wp/uploads/2010/11/1/file.html That can be found here This might make it a little easier to develop a PHP...

    nulled scripts

    Im going to guess that they really dont know the effects of nulled scripts on webhosts and developers.... if they use them like it has been said they will be caught and will suffer the consequences.

    nulled scripts

    Nulled Scripts are dangerous not just illegal i remember not knowing what a nulled script was and it came with malicious embedded code got my hosting suspended and almost crashed the entire webserver i was hosted on quiet simple .... dont use them... if you cant find what you on on open source...

    Post your specs

    Im running a two machines myself lol Laptop Dell Inspiron mini 1012 Intel Atom N450 Intel GMA 3150 1 Gig Ram DDR2 800 250 Gb SATA Hdd 2.5" Wireless N Realtek ACL272 HD Audio 10.1 inch WSVGA TrueLife™ WLED Display windows 7 starter edition PC Custom build AMD Athlon 64...

    error unsuspending my hosting account

    here is the error details i got from the unsuspension request Hosting Unsuspension submitted July 31 at 3:29 am ZE7BJ6CCYNV Error information Unsuspension of your hosting account.resultA system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: B42E23B1