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  1. risket

    The site's security certificate is not trusted!

    When I try to access my cPanel or my Webmail login I get a page that says "The site's security certificate is not trusted!". Has something happened to your service? Any idea when this will be fixed so I can access the tools for my site? Do you know if my web site itself is ok or has something...
  2. risket

    HTC Evo

    So what does everyone think of the HTC Evo 4G Android phone coming to Sprint? Here's the info about the phone: I've been obsessed with getting the Samsung Moment since before it even came out. Now I'm leaning more towards this one since it's...
  3. risket

    Apple iPad

    I absolutely agree with that. It looks like it's trying to be a "cooler" alternative to using a computer but it's nothing more than a fancy media player which, by the way, can't even hold that much media. I'm all for flash memory over hard drives but the pricing for flash memory in Apple...
  4. risket

    Nexus One

    Lucky!! I won't get it until it becomes available on Sprint's network so I can pair it with an Everything Data plan. Anything about it you don't like so far? When texting are there other input methods? I know there's the Qwerty but is there also like a Compact Qwerty and maybe a numeric...
  5. risket


    Android 2.1 out on the Nexus One and it looks pretty amazing. I really love how the photo/video gallery is layed out. If you've ever used Cooliris for searching videos or images you will recognize it.
  6. risket

    Word Association

    The WTF pillow?? haha
  7. risket

    Nexus One

    Well the processor is a HUGE improvement. It's almost twice the speed so loading web sites would be much faster. I think the Droid's specs are ok but the phone itself is extremely ugly. It's just a big block with no design to it. I can imagine the corners digging into your palm from holding...
  8. risket

    Nexus One

    So Google's Nexus One came out yesterday. It looks pretty amazing. What's everyone else think about it? I've been wanting to get the Samsung Moment with Sprint for the past few months but now that this came out I think I've changed my mind. The only problem right now is that the Nexus One...
  9. risket

    What is your favourite game of all time?

    ZELDA!!!! I love everything about the Zelda games. I haven't played ALL of them but these are my absolute favorites that I could pick up and play any day. Ocarina of Time A Link To The Past Twilight Princess The Wind Waker Phantom Hourglass My wife just got me Spirit Tracks for Christmas. I...
  10. risket

    Question game

    Don't they have psychic powers that can turn your brain into Oreo milkshakes?
  11. risket

    Corrupt A Wish Season 2

    Granted but now everyone is poor. I wish mankind would evolve beyond the need for money and selfish acts and everyone came together to better our species as a whole instead of this sad "every man for himself" life we all live. WOO!!
  12. risket

    Corrupt A Wish Season 2

    Granted, but "right" is a direction (the "right" names). You meant "correct" (the "correct" names). I wish I could control my computer with my thoughts.
  13. risket

    Fedora vs Ubuntu, what?

    I have yet to try Fedora but I use Ubuntu a lot. If an older computer can run it you can turn an old slow computer into a decent machine. My wife and I have a slow old Windows XP Pro computer that's so slow we put it near the kitchen and only use it for looking up recipes. I but Ubuntu on it and...
  14. risket

    Question game

    They haven't already?
  15. risket

    game: kill the above user

    As you walk away you step on a banana peel. It makes a gross squishing sound and you get banana on your shoes so you wipe it off in the grass of a mental institution where the groundskeeper yells at you and chases you with a spatula he keeps handy in his back pocket. You run around the corner...
  16. risket

    Word Association

  17. risket

    Windows 7...

    There was a post here about Windows 7: I have it and I'm actually quite impressed with it.... and I was not very fond of Vista.
  18. risket

    Word Association

    Rob Schneider
  19. risket


    I just Googled the n900. It's a pretty snazzy looking device (yes I use the word "snazzy" quite often, haha). Looks very powerful. 1GB of memory, 800x480 display, 32GB of storage. The only thing I would have a problem with is that there is not dedicated number row. I often use numbers in...
  20. risket

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban you because I thought your user name was "gasoline" when I glanced at it really quickly.... ....though I now see that it is not.... but I ban you for making me do a double-take.