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    not got e-mail

    iv checked just tried and no e-mail yet Edit: bump sorry to be a pain, but i really would like this problem fixed... Edit: bump, again...i really want this problem sorted, even if you dont manage to fix it, some response might be nice
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    registration message- PHP

    upon registration i need a message to say- you are successfully registered, your username is..., your e-mail is ... and your password is ... i want the message to appear on the registration page, but only appear after a successful registration. can anyone help me out?
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    GFX Central

    idea: maye post some of your work as an example
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    Pay2play VS Free2Play ?

    iv never played a P2P at my age, with my income, it's pointelss when i can play other games that i still enjoy for free... i might start investing when i reach 6th form and actually earning
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    What Do You Think About ?

    hover over the register thing:p "register to se jojo" other than that, its good IMO
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    thanks guys, and i make sure that if i have problems il try and sort them myself before runingfor help:P
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    This Place Rules

    everyone is praising it...seems like a good thing... only instead of posing it for members to read what they already know advertise it for others :P not that it makes the slightest difference to me if this place gets members.
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    Nice Layout

    didn't see the old layout, but this is brilliant and easy to navigate great job
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    not got e-mail

    "Confirmation E-mail sent, please check your E-mail and follow the instructions." i then check my e-mail account and no e-mail from here has
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    effect of games in real life.

    i agree with the thing posted a few posts ago about games effecting different people in different ways, but i dont think it makes too much difference. The fact that the government try to pass the blame oto games for whats happening in society is ridiculous. people find entertainment in games...
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    not really :p im chris, 14, from sunderland in north east sunderland. il be setting up a gfx site(to the best of my ability) i started writing just one or two days ago...fitting it in around school. i got up to setting up a register section and phailed.:P il probably end up hosting a forum...