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  1. KowKing

    Hey guys.

    Please vote yes on this slogan tee for Threadless.
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    Is anyone else

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    Please help.

    Please help me push my t-shirt design to publication.
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    What do you think...

    Of this outfit? Jacket ------,-product.startDate&navCount=69&navAction=poppush&color= Scarf -----...
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    I Like Making My Teacher's Head Explode

    See: and
  6. KowKing

    Photography/Art experiment

    The basis is you write on your hand, and you make a self portrait showing some or all of your face along with what is written in the palm of you hand. I'm interested to see what some people come up with. I did this imitation of The Rocket Summer's album;
  7. KowKing

    New Zunes I'm going to buy a Zune 8 for sure, I already have a Zune 30 and I don't use all the space on that, so I'm going to hold off on the Zune 80.
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    Don't Taze Me Bro!

    Sorry, I find the YTMND more informational than any newscasts.
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    Most Insane Guitar Wow.
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    Caturday CS:S Fun?

    Anyone want to jump on the x10G CS:S server for some Caturday fun?
  11. KowKing

    Official x10Gaming Steam Group

    I've created the x10Gaming (x10G) Steam group, and it's free to join if you're an x10Hosting member or x10Gaming player. You can find the group at
  12. KowKing

    I need...

    A product that I can cold wax my chest at the house... Shaving it only results in stubble a day later. Any ideas?
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    Counter-Strike: Source server. Not quite working yet. Forums have been pruned (by me) and I'll create parent forums along with sub-forums later... If this whole thing catches on, that is. :]
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    Serious poll.

    Upon noticing the sudden declining intelligence of the general population (I won't name any members of this forum that are prime examples...) I've decided to start a poll to see what you, the common person, thinks of these idiots that's ruining the fun for the rest of us.* The question is: How...
  16. KowKing

    What do you think of...

    ... The theory of, "boys for pleasure, girls to procreate" if you are a guy?
  17. KowKing

    Please help. Push this story forward so that the irrational banning of all electronics and confiscation of electronics (including cameras, the explanation is in the article) at my public school. Thanks!
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    Pictures of your shoes.

    I'm bored, and my shoes are killer.
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    I've started a website.