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  1. Hauzer

    [Help Needed + Idea] Pre-Sales Question

    Hey guys/girls, It's been a while. I used to use x10hosting back in the days when I needed free hosting, since then, I've only gone premium. But, I'd like to purchase premium hosting from x10hosting too (x10 premium didn't exist then). I have a few "Pre-Sales Questions" before ordering, and I...
  2. Hauzer

    Post your specs

    I've had my current computer for almost 7 years now, and it does give me the occasional problem. Since then I have upgraded my computer, to ensure that I can at least enjoy the web with minimal specifications and get my work done. All I use this computer for is work (Microsoft Office, Adobe...
  3. Hauzer

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    I rarely play games, but the last game I purchased is Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for PC a year a go. ;)
  4. Hauzer

    Important Poll

    I'd also like to mention I use neither. ;) Although, if you use Front Page, once you save, doesn't it save the html files? It does for me, I'm using Office 2003.
  5. Hauzer

    Windows 8 in 2012?

    I'm still using Windows XP on my primary computer and have had the Windows 7 Beta & RC (which of course was amazing over XP). Recently, I purchased a laptop with Windows 7 and I don't plan on downgrading the OS, no do I plan on upgrading to Windows 8, unless it'll be provided as a free upgrade...
  6. Hauzer

    MySQL/phpMyAdmin Database Error

    Hi there, Before I start, I'd like to thank you for hosting my web site(s) and I also do appreciate all the support given. After the upgrade from Lotus to Fris, certain files were lost on my account (which was discussed earlier) however, the database files still remained on the account but...
  7. Hauzer

    Missing Files after Lotus Upgrade

    Hi there, I've read on the status page of x10hosting that all of the files and such have been updated over onto the server, however, the files for my web sites were not migrated. My web site can be found at: I do have the back ups of the main web site itself (Obnoxious...
  8. Hauzer

    Forum Skin Vote

    Personally, I find the first one the best skin. As it's very sharp and crispy, as well as being blue; to give off the x10hosting feel. I wish that skin wins the votes ^^ but it's not looking good for it at the moment. :P
  9. Hauzer

    Want a VPS For Uploading!!!

    Hey ifamous, Unfortunately, no. You can purchase a VPS from x10hosting, however, it's against the Terms of Service to host torrents:
  10. Hauzer

    IP.Board, watch out, here I come

    Hey there, I just happened to notice the thread. Just some quick words I'd like to say to maybe give you some tips or improvement areas. In my opinion, the default style you should be using when modifying a phpBB style should be "subsilver2" as this is more customizable and effective to work...
  11. Hauzer

    Windows 7...

    I personally think that it's far better than Vista. In performance wise and accessibility. I'd recommend you purchase it. ;)
  12. Hauzer

    How fast is your processor?

    My processor speed is 2.8GHz, however, that doesn't really matter unless you know the processor right? It's a single-core Penium 4 - Hyper-threading compatible. Making everyone else's processor better than mine. ;(
  13. Hauzer

    Count to 200

    Re: Count to 50 4 hours late to a show.
  14. Hauzer

    Forum Skin\Theme

    Personally, I don't think that's a bad idea but it is quite basic when I look at it. I mean, it's not got many colours to it, it's just white. Also, haven't we changed the theme for this web site before? The current one isn't too bad, I can live with it. If there had to be a change, what about...
  15. Hauzer

    Help! I'm stuck to my toilet seat!

    No, I wouldn't pull a "prank" like this. Personally, I think it's very immature and the person who did do this should be fined. I'm sure there should be some sort of camera's around. It's just too unfortunate for the victim/elder man. Must have been some teenager who thinks he's hard. I know...
  16. Hauzer

    Windos 7 (NTFS vs WFS)

    bitsen: The abbreviation of Windows Future Storage is WinFS (WFS). You can read more about it here: So, Windows 7 will use this format? The RC of Windows 7 doesn't seem to and that's the release client before it's sold out. So, I'm sure they would of tested it...
  17. Hauzer

    Error while adding "addon domain"

    Hi esportsve, It seems that the domain has been forwarded to x10hosting. It should fully add it's self within 48 hours. If it doesn't, then I would contact a member of staff using the support ticket and ask them manually to add it. That process may also take a long while.
  18. Hauzer

    MX Entry

    How much longer do you'll think it take? Been 6 days, lol. I guess I am a little impatient, haven't let it be a week yet. :P
  19. Hauzer

    MX Entry

    Lol zen-r, Yes, I've waited 3 full days now for the ticket response, going onto 4 now. I didn't create the ticket yesterday, I created it on 01/08/2009. You're only getting the impression that I created the ticket yesterday because that's when I posted it in this thread, I actually created it 2...
  20. Hauzer

    MX Entry

    Good point about the Holiday but the time zone shouldn't have anything to do with it. As the clock has spun 48 hours, so each time zone should have had the chance to see it. It's nearly 3 full days without a response. Even though it's the holidays, I'm sure there still should be some support...