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  1. The_Guardian

    Get paid to keep your computer on! Up to $45/month!

    After about a day of running the program, my account was activated.. not entirely sure what your guy's issue is. I suppose I might as well do this, my box stays online 24/7 anyhow to run other software that I use. The program seems to be minimal at most, it's not going to change the amount of...
  2. The_Guardian

    Link Exchange for Gaming Websites Looking to exchange links/increase traffic flow by helping out other sites as well. This website is entirely gaming for now, yet we plan to expand it to add perhaps a blog and such. Feel free to mail either of us by checking out the "Contacts" link on the site so we...
  3. The_Guardian

    Lockerz Invites!

    I asked the same questions as well, but, the company who owns Lockerz also owns Sirius Radio. So, they have tons of money. So far, it hasn't seemed like a scam of any sort. Looks quite nice actually.
  4. The_Guardian

    Quick cash from

    Yes that seems to be true; however, I've been on other sites, such as NeoBux, and you only get 6 ads per day, compared to the on average 10-18 on "slower" sites. Although you receive payment faster on NeoBux, it takes a while longer to build up to a worthwhile amount.
  5. The_Guardian

    Quick cash from

    Hello all, I'd just like to share with everyone a nice PTC site that I have found. Thus far I've made around $5, just by spending a short time each day clicking ads. If you'd also like to make some money on the side and would like to have me as your referral, which would greatly be appreciated...
  6. The_Guardian

    Account Restoration

    It seems my account has disappeared, as every time I try to login, it says there is an error retrieving my hosting type from the backend. If there is any way to restore my account, or at least create another so that I can start over, it would be appreciated. Here is what my account looked...
  7. The_Guardian

    Error accessing account.

    Not sure what is up, but I have been unable to access my account. Here's the error message: An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue...