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  1. psgalaxy91

    The 'N' word!

    It's because they were from NIGERIA. It's a country.
  2. psgalaxy91

    New adobe cs5 has launched!!!!

    Gimp may be a good free alternative, but alternative is the key word. It can't match up to Photoshop, and the new CS5 version looks VERY interesting...
  3. psgalaxy91

    Galactic Command

    Check out my newly re-made website! What do you think? :biggrin:
  4. psgalaxy91

    Forum Skin Vote

    Yep, Vuel is the best. But I don't like the little page-corner gfx. You should get rid of those.
  5. psgalaxy91

    What is the Purpose of Life?

    This is the easiest question ever.... We're here to BE AWESOME!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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    I tried it with and without the .s already. Both failed. :eek4:
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    I'm trying to get my pages (.aspx) to work, and I'm failing miserably. I read that I need to make a mime type, so I added the folloing mime type: application/monoaspx cs edmx config aspx.cs And it failed. Whenever I go to my page...
  8. psgalaxy91

    Team Falcon RuneScape Art

    Check this out, I took a screenshot of myself in RuneScape, set the sword on fire, put it in front of my clan's new logo, and added lighting effects. what do you think? Not half-bad considering RS graphics are pretty bad. Check it out compared to the current logo in my sig.
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    [Req][1000 Credits (all)] Aardvark Php Topsite Skin

    Okay, no updates so far, and I got someone else to do it, so this offer is CANCELLED. =D
  10. psgalaxy91

    [off][all my credits]free raffle

    I want a ticket too please!! =D Commander Galaxy shall win!!!
  11. psgalaxy91

    [Req][1000 Credits (all)] Aardvark Php Topsite Skin

    The pics are for a site tepmplate that I'll be buying in a few months (not an aardvark skin, a site layout), but I want my aardvark topsite to match the general design of it so they fit in together, meaning the colors and fonts, I don't mean copy the thing. -.- I like that so far trixter...
  12. psgalaxy91

    [Req][1000 Credits (all)] Aardvark Php Topsite Skin

    I'm offering all of my credits (a littles more than 1000) for a skin for an Aardvark Php Topsite. It needs to be a black/dark red design. It should sort of match the color/design kinda thing of the page below...
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    cPanel not working

    idk, it comes and goes now.
  14. psgalaxy91

    cPanel not working

    Same problem again. -.- I'll see if anything changes tonight.
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    cPanel not working

    Oooo It's working now. I didn't do either of the things you siad I'm just trying it again now and it's working. o.O
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    cPanel not working

    My cPanel went down last week and I thought it would be back up within an hour or so. Well, it's been a few days and nothing. My website works fine, it's just that I can't access my cPanel at all. It says internet explorer cannot display this webpage. I tried it on different computers, and the...
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    Microsoft vs. The World

    Maybe you should create a better operating system. -.- Vista isn't that bad, but everyone says it sucks. People used to say similar things of XP when it was first released. And anyway, it was just released, anything will have glitches or bugs in the beginning, but they get worked out.
  19. psgalaxy91

    Internet Explorer Vs. FireFox

    Microsoft bashers... I like internet explorer, and it has great stuff to. Internet Explorer is just as fast and it has tabs too, and you can get add ons for it also. Although one thing FireFox does have is alternate themes. I guess it just comes down to personal preferance... Well maybe I...
  20. psgalaxy91

    Ancient or Not?

    Internet Explorer all the way!!! But that's an ancient version, Internet back then must have been really terrible.