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  1. chanh.ong25

    Admin:cloudfare says x10hosting account login is offline 30th June 2013

    How did you disconnect cloudflare? Please share. Thanks
  2. chanh.ong25

    Error Code DEADBEEF

    Any update on fixing this issue? Thanks An error occurred attempting to process your request. Please try again momentarily. (Error Code DEADBEEF)
  3. chanh.ong25

    x10hosting certificated expired.

    I can't access my portal. **** uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on 2/4/2012 1:28 PM. The current time is 2/5/2012 8:03 AM. (Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate) **** Will this be fixed soon? Thanks
  4. chanh.ong25

    x10 Hosting Forum Cannot Login with Opera or Chrome in Linux

    The new forum and the theme look good! Good work! I seem not able to find any announcement about the forum change so I just wonder why the forum change?
  5. chanh.ong25

    name server

    why is my add-on domain got redirect to this? Thanks
  6. chanh.ong25

    name server

    my site has been down for a few days. How much longer? Thanks ---------- Post added at 04:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 AM ---------- my site works up until the announcement site migration then it is no longer load since a few days ago.
  7. chanh.ong25

    name server

    My site seem to be down and I can't access it and what is the new name server? Thanks
  8. chanh.ong25

    Firefox 4 is released!

    After a few week of using FF4, the load time is getting like before and the performance is not that great. It is not improved in this area. It interface has a big face lift but the robustness has not improved. FF4 should be able to isolate each tab from one others not freeze the whole browser...
  9. chanh.ong25

    Upcoming Free Hosting Change

    who is the provider of the cloud service? I hope it is not "lightspeed"! I know a host that move to "lightspeed" and the performance is terrible!
  10. chanh.ong25

    Firefox 4 is released!

    something is wrong with your firefox install mine is using only less than 190M. I don't like Chrome due to it not use the original Google Bookmark but something else to hold the bookmark which make no sense to me at all.
  11. chanh.ong25

    Firefox 4 is released!

    I has been using FF 4 beta for sometime and it is good except that many of my favorite add-ons are not compatible with the beta so I only use it for testing but Firefox 4 is now release and all my add-ons that I care about are available have new update for the new version. It has all the...
  12. chanh.ong25

    IE 9 RC is available.

    I have tired IE9RC and it is fast, it is very compatible with sites that I try already. It is not like IE8 that has quick a bit of compatible issue (surprisingly!) I am sure there are more in IE but just a short list of features for IE9. * Streamlined design * Pinned Sites *...
  13. chanh.ong25

    Access to "Useful Information" forum

    When I try to view the "useful information" forum I got this message below. Why is that? Thanks chanh.ong25, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you...
  14. chanh.ong25

    Forum folding and width

    The forum is now fold able and the width is wider. Thank you very much!
  15. chanh.ong25

    X10Hosting forum

    Thanks for whoever fix my forum access issue.
  16. chanh.ong25

    X10Hosting forum

    I know this might be in the wrong place to post this but I have no access to X10Hosting forum where this thread should go. I can't view anything in X10Hosting forum. Can anyone help? Thanks
  17. chanh.ong25

    Which Is Your Favourite Web Browser?

    My favorite browser is not just one. I use different browser for different purpose. FF for web development with the add-on like firebug and web developer Opera to check for the latest web standard and site that don't quite meet that standard Chrome for some quick load to check on something but...
  18. chanh.ong25

    Paid or Free Hosting

    With the "New Prime Membership!" adding a new twist to these choices of free vs paid. You get something in between with minimum cost!
  19. chanh.ong25

    Who has the best web browser? IE vs FF vs Chrome

    It depends on what is the environment and for what application and what purpose. Different browser fit different needs there is no one size fit all browser. For enterprise and Windows environment IE is the only choice that make sense for tight Windows security integration feature and now...
  20. chanh.ong25

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I spent a great deal of time dealing with Virus and Spyware but to me anything that should not be in your pc is infection whether it is a virus or spyware. Infection come in many forms but mostly coming via internet and primary via browser. Infection prevention is the key to not get...